National Law University (NLU), Dwarka, Delhi.


Admission to all the programmes offered at the NLU is through All India Law Entrance Test (AILET), which is conducted at various centres across India. And there are reservations for SC, ST and persons with disabilities.



The National Law University, Delhi, is located in west Delhi’s Dwarka sector – 14, which is on the Blue Line of the Delhi Metro. Although located at a 5 minute walking distance from the metro station, the shortest way leading to the college is through a deserted park, which is not a very pleasant one to walk across. But most people would prefer taking the longer route which is  a nice road that leads to NLU, and IPU Campus ahead. Although the students feel that NLU could have been better located in sector-12 where there’s a market place around, so that there would be life outside the campus as well. Delhi-ites, prefer travelling to the college by cars, and others stay at the college hostel.



NLU has a superb infrastructure, with a lot of things on the verge of completion, and a lot of facilities, still in the pipeline. The infrastructure and the facilities provided by the college, is certainly much better than other law schools in and around Delhi. This can also be judged by the amount of money pumped into the institute; a whopping Rupees 110 Crore have been spent in a matter of just 5 years. Although the students feel the lack of sports facilities, there is a volleyball court, and a swimming pool in the pipeline. The state-of-the-art gymnasium in the residential block is also worth a mention.  Coming to the classrooms, the awesomely furnished classes have air conditioners that are just too cold. 24 Hours hot water supply is also available for the students. For perpetual internet access on laptops, and mobile devices, the entire campus is Wi-Fi enabled – the hostel and the academic areas covered too, although various sites are blocked under different categories. The hostel building is called the ‘Hall of Residence’ with top notch facilities. Laptops would certainly be required during the course, which also could be provided by the college, for the needy students. The practical exposure of legal studies can be well understood during mooting, and the college has a moot court for the same, and the college also organizes moot court competitions all-round the year. The library, that’s like the most important place during exam preparations, and its good, which goes without saying. Students have access to all the books, and a lot of e-resources too have been provided.



The fees for studying at NLU is around, Rs. 1,40,000 per year, with a nominal security amount of Rs.10,000. Scholarships are also offered to students who need financial aid.



The faculty at the NLU in a word is superb. Most of the teachers are young, dynamic and working themselves as corporate professionals. So you can be sure of one thing, that they are anything but inexperienced. Many of the teachers are retired judges of various high levels of Indian courts. Supreme Court and High Court judges often take guest lectures at the college. Also a lot of conferences, seminars and debates are conducted as a part of the syllabus. Apart from the teaching staff, the hostel wardens are really cool, and most of the times, they overlook things which makes them cooler, and you would like them every time.



At NLU you need to maintain an attendance of at least 95% to score well in your terms. Anything below that mark would make you start losing marks and the minimum threshold is 75%. If you do the maths for the entire semester, missing a lecture is equivalent to losing 1% marks, in your exam, even before appearing for it, which is bad. So basically do not miss lectures, and the bare minimum is 66% but that’s only if the reasons are valid, and documents provided. But till now there haven’t been cases of anyone being debarred. 
Timings regarding the hostels are a little strict though, with ‘curfew’ (as students say) beginning at 6 PM for the students to be inside the campus, and 9 PM inside the dorm. The classes begin at 9 in the morning.



NLU sees the most deserving students from all over India taking admission over here every year. The ratio of seats available to the number of applications is very high.
Almost half the students here are from Delhi NCR, and the rest are from all the parts of the nation. Overall apart from studying hard, and being active in curricular activities, students are full of enthusiasm for other things as well. Basically you can say, everyone is busy with something or the other. One notable thing observed over here is students show a strong culture of ordering food from outside. The students are also involved in sports and have notable achievements on that front too.



Step outside the college and there’s just endless stretches of road on side and the Metro station can be seen far off on the other. So if you’re planning to bunk just one lecture, the best place to spend time is the inside the campus itself. However, if you’re done for the day, numerous options crop up; Dwarka Sectors 3, 4 and 12 which offer classy snack joints, a variety of eateries and a mall at Rajouri Garden and some others which you’ll figure once you’re in the college.



Celebrating festivals has just taken off at the college, but it’s done so in a way that’s very calm. A week long intra-college festival ‘Hafta-Vasool’ is organized by the students, just to learn how to organize events, and manage students. But students not involved in organising also take active part and enjoy the festival. There are various other conferences and seminars also held, which also include moot court competitions and debates. A number of meets are also organized related to media laws & corporate laws.



Being a premier institute, placements at the National Law University, are bound to be wonderful. The biggest law firms, you name them, and they’ve come here to recruit, it’s so good. To name a few; J.Sagar Associates (JSA), Luthra & Luthra, Herbert Smith (which is the biggest firm in London) has conducted interviews at the NLU. Students also get to work with the current attorney general of India, or solicitor general of India. And getting internships is also not going to be difficult, and you’ll find yourself amongst some of the best lawyers of the nation, learning from their experience.



National Law University, Delhi
Sector 14, Dwarka,
New Delhi- 110078
Phone No.- 011-28034993, 28034257
Website : ; Email:



The National Law University is certainly something everyone would look out for, as anyone with the desire to pursue legal studies, would want to be here.


+1 #3 priyavert dahiya 2014-01-12 13:31
I heard a lot about NLU and I think that there is no other institute like NLU in India
0 #2 Jayant Kashyap 2013-03-26 11:26
Although i'm late in reading the review, but that does not mean I regret being here. The review is spot on and NLU is a superb institute. I don't know where my career is headed but the people here are wonderful and the least you can do is study honestly. Try to involve yourself in as many activities you can.
+7 #1 simran yada 2012-05-16 16:22
It is a GREAT place to make our career shining..good review!

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