JSPM's Imperial College of Engineering & Research, Wagholi


Imperial College of Engineering & Research is located in Wagholi, a distant, remote and upcoming area in North eastern Pune. Students commute by their own vehicles or may be because they HAVE TO. Some prefer to use the college bus facility which charges you according to the distance and can go up to Rs. 10,000/- per month!



The campus of Imperial College of Engineering & Research is sufficiently big and is shared by numerous other sister institutes. There are two libraries for each stream in the college - one in the department itself and another general library. Hostel facility is provided only for girls. Labs are not air-conditioned, but they good ventilation. The same applies for the classrooms. As far as internet is concerned, you might hear some students say "Wi-fi bolte hai par kuch available nahi hai".



Rs. 87,285/ year



Students from the E&TC department don't hold much praise for their teachers; they say that although the professors are knowledgeable, they fail to express  their knowledge efficiently. If anyone tries to pester too much, frustration is often removed in the form of lower term work marks. However, the Mechanical Department is exceptionally good whereas the IT & Computer Departments are said to be plain average with few senior professors and some other junior yet tolerable ones.



Again, the E&TC department stands out; it's extremely strict at Imperial College of Engineering & Research. Everyone here is supposed to have above 75% attendance; below that and expect to cough up fines depending on the shortage in your attendance; below 50% and you'll surely get detained. Other departments are much liberal relatively and students are exempted from any harsh actions till 25% attendance.



Imperial College of Engineering & Research has mostly Maharashtrian crowd with Pune localities as a major chunk. Students are extremely co-operative and show amazing unity. However, its distant location and the surrounding rural area invite a lot of semi-urban and village-like crowd.



One has to travel almost 20kms to enjoy a movie in Inox. There aren’t any such hangouts near the campus. Students are seen in Mohan ki tapri and areas like Chandan Nagar or Viman Nagar.



The JSPM campus, which hosts Imperial College of Engineering has a common canteen in the campus. So, lunch hours are extremely packed. Moreover, the food is barely edible, and highly unvaried. Even though the cost is quite low, space, quality and hygiene overpowers it.



Imperial College of Engineering hosts its Cultural festival called Cresta in the 1st week of March. The Technical festival, Cynosure, is inter-college and is also held around the same time.



25% of the overall students and about 85% of the eligible students (few people here score above 55-60% overall) get placed. Average salary is about 3 lakhs per annum. IT & Computers have relatively better placements. Zensar, KPIT Cummins, L&T Infotech are major recruiters. No MNC giants like Google or Microsoft have visited the campus, but that is perhaps because just a few batches have passed out.


Contact :

JSPM's Imperial College of Engineering and Reserarch Wagholi, Pune
Gate No: 720/2, Nagar Road, Wagholi, Pune - 412207.
Phone No: (020) 22933424
Fax No: (020) 270 52590
Website: www.jspm.edu.in



If you don’t want to choose E&TC as your future line, you can could perhaps opt for this college but the canteen, crowd, hangouts and infrastructure are again a PUT OFF.


+1 #13 Directionar 2014-04-10 18:24
As commented above for e&tc department is very true. But computer department here does not have good faculty here. There are very very few counted one or two good faculty. Here faculty does not have practical knowledge.
They are busy in just conducting practicals not teaching a single program. So for computer engineering don't prefer this college.
-1 #12 vaibhavkulkarni008 2014-02-26 07:04
Overall good performance and staff is good. As far as the academics are concerned it is not upto the mark! Exposure for the students is highly required!!!
-2 #11 RUSHIKESH RODGE 2013-12-02 11:44
Nice college
+8 #10 sania 2013-03-11 08:49
It is not actually college; it is a junior kg school
+4 #9 sarina 2013-02-21 11:05
Entc dept require not only 75% attendance, it requires 100% attendance
+6 #8 XYZ123487 2013-02-14 08:13
Excellent college in the view of parent
If you want to just enjoy not study, then it is not good college specially E & Tc Dept
Not good college for timepass
+3 #7 satyanarayan maurya 2013-02-06 14:20
No support from staff. If you take admission in EnTC dept then forget about extra curricular activities and bcome a school student again.
+10 #6 meerdust 2013-01-16 14:32
I do not agree with whatever wrong things said about the college and the departments like mechanical, IT, and computer. Their results in both studies and extra curricular activities is exceptionally good than any colleges in that place. Howaver, being a recent student of E&TC Department in the same, I totally agree with the review about the current situation and faculty.

Some recent humaliating rules like 100% attendance for both theory and practical by the college are totally out of the world and against the human limitations. The department staff, hence, is always busy in useless jobs like calling students and parents and harracing them for students absence,and collecting a lot of fines from students against their absence in college. This totally daviates the department from the goal of excellent teaching. Such laws are great example that the department only want to create instructions following worker robots and not elegible persons or entrepreneurs.

The head behaves and creates rules as if he is not the head of department but the owner of students. His incorrect attitude and use of foul language towards not only the students , but also the staff(including ladies) is totally unacceptable. As a result, many of the elegible professors have already left the dept. and remaining ones are as if only there as they feel proud to harrase and frustrate the students and demolish their self confidence, rather than teaching and giving students a mental support.

Every teacher from this department is in a race to create his fear and importance in the student's minds rather than concentrating on actual studies.Hence, the students of the department are always under fear, frustrated , not showing activeness in departmental activities or extra curricular activities and that is the sole reason, teachers do not gain much praise by the students
Therefore my polite request to all the parents and students, Do opt for this college, only if you are not taking admission to E&TC Department.
+6 #5 Imperial Alumini 2012-08-15 17:44
Everything mentioned above is nearly cent percent true. Few changes I feel are :
Faculty: It's almost true but it's better than Mentioned.
Hangouts: Inorbit Mall 12km, Pheonix Market City 13Km.
Placements: The training & Placement Officer has Resigned and there is no replacement as of now.
+11 #4 EvelKnevel 2012-08-15 12:33
The General attitude of the college is to build Manpower not Knowledge resources. Companies coming to recruit also recruit for man power. (IT companies recruit Mech. and EnTC engineers along with Comp or IT engineers) There is absolutely no extra curricular academic participation on a sizable scale. Largely there are no National level competition entries from Icoer. The no. of student with a serious academic bent can possibly be counted off on both hands.

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