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Modern Education Society’s College of Engineering (MESCOE), Wadia College Campus


Modern Education Society’s College of Engineering (MESCOE) is located 10 mins away on foot from Pune Railway station. The central location ensures excellent accessibility from all parts of the city. It's part of the Wadia College Campus which almost every second Pune-ite would know and thus, reaching the college is a cake walk even if you're lost. MESCOE enjoys a wonderful location, comparable to only few other Engineering Colleges in Pune.



Modern Education Society's College of Engineering (MESCOE) is hosted inside the humungous Wadia College Campus which is home to half-a-dozen other institutes like Cusrow Wadia Institute of Technology, Nowrosjee Wadia College of Arts & Science, Ness Wadia College of Commerce & Neville Wadia Institute of Mgmt. MESCOE boasts of a new eco-friendly building where LED’s are used. The infrastructure appears quite modern and up-to-date with nice classrooms are nice and well maintained labs. Wi-Fi connectivity is available in the building.



Rs. 71,300/ year



The faculty is decent but not great. Most professors prefer communicating in Marathi. Students often complain that professors remove their personal grudges on students by giving them low marks in term work.



Modern Education Society's College of Engineering (MESCOE) is very strict in terms of attendance. Whether out of fear or willingly, is not known but most students maintain a 100% attendance record. Seminars have to be conducted by students who fall short of attendance, but there’s hardly anyone who falls into this league.



The crowd is predominantly Pune-based. Most of the students are study-oriented, which is a good thing because there are hardly any extracurriculars.



Unfortunately, you’ll hardly find anyone to hang out with, even though there is a plethora of potential hangouts. Inox, Mangla cinema hall, Pune Central mall, Sai corner and Paanchali restaurant are all near MESCOE.


MESCOE's canteen serves good food and is spacious but during lunch times it becomes very crowded as the campus is shared by five other colleges. Students say that the noodles are ‘to die for’.



MES College of Engineering (MESCOE) has NO festivals, just a small funfair which is held sometime in January.



MES College of Engineering (MESCOE) offers around 50% placements, with Infosys and TechMahindra the major recruiters. There are no ‘dream companies’ coming here, and the highest package is about Rs.4 lac.


Contact :

M.E.S. College of Engineering (MESCOE),
Wadia College Campus,
19, Late Prin. V.K.Joag Path, Pune - 411001.
Contact No: 020 - 2616 3831.
Website : www.mescoepune.org



If you are willing to study for the next four years, step right up. If you aren’t, then there is certainly a better life waiting for you anywhere else.


+1 #12 Prithviraj Chandak 2014-02-16 14:17
For E&Tc & Comp. faculty is very nice. For comp placement is good.
-4 #11 Abhishek kulakarni 2014-02-09 16:57
College is Fantastic for F.E. only. FE Faculty is best. But for SE Mechanical faculty is not good. Teaching is very poor. I think Faculty have no knowledge abt subject for mech. For mech no practicals are performed. Teachers do time-pass during practicals. If you want mech don't come
+1 #10 mescoe 2014-01-25 01:06
Best college........
+2 #9 flying falcon 2013-11-03 15:55
I m a first year students. This college is study oriented and the professors are really good and helpful. They're very strict about attendance and timely submission of practicals and assignments. Library is well stocked with different books. Labs are well maintained. Infrastructure is far better than most of the colleges in Pune. All in all life is great here if you want to study. If u want to enjoy better life you will have to do it somewhere else.
+12 #8 ufc 2013-06-28 12:48
This college has potential to become one of the top colleges in pune....attenda nce here are very strict though.......re sults are also really very good.......some good companies have visited the campus for placements..... ...and yes wadia is also known for its pretty beautiful girls........so thumbs up if you wanna join this college......

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