Vidya Pratishthan's College of Engineering (VPCOE), Vidyanagari, Baramati


Vidya Pratishthan's College of Engineering (VPCOE) is located in Vidyanagari, as the name suggests. It is absolutely inaccessible; everyone stays in the hostel.



State-of-the-art infrastructure, perhaps one of the best in the state. The hostels are passable. Girls hostel has an intake of 90 and the boys hostel has an intake of 150 for the first year. The fees are also very reasonable at Rs. 15,000/- per year. Laboratories are well maintained, and the library is pretty good too. Outdoor and indoor sports facility is also available.



Rs. 50,508/ year



Although students complain about the fact that teachers hardly communicate with them in English (most students are, however, comfortable learning in local languages), they do agree that the faculty is quite good. The Civil faculty is just about okay, students say, but they add that most others are really good.



Vidya Pratishthan's College of Engineering (VPCOE) is extremely strict about attendance. Students are required to maintain 80% attendance, failing which they have to pay fines ranging from Rs.500 to Rs.3000.



The crowd is okay, nothing great. There are very few students from Pune; it’s a rather mixed crowd. The college supports extracurricular activities, so you’ll find people who are interested in sports.



There is a restaurant called Maharaja close to the college, which serves good ‘misal pav’. City pride is 3kms away, and you’ll find many students flocking there.



The college has two canteens, both of which are quite clean and spacious. The food is reasonable, and more importantly, edible.



Vidya Pratishthan's College of Engineering (VPCOE) hosts its sports as well as technical festivals in March, and they are called Spirit and Verismo, respectively.



Companies like Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant and Bharat Forge offer jobs to a number of students. Civil engineers are often placed in Hiranandani and Amit Enterprises. The placements aren't much to boast about, but the situation is improving drastically. Mechanical and E&TC departments record around 60% placements, whereas Comps and IT departments are slightly lagging behind. Average salary for the previous years has shown an upward trend : 2005-1.5 lac ; 2006-2.0 lac ; 2007 - 2.1 lac ; 2008 - 2.6 lac.


Contact :

Vidya Pratishthan’s College of Engineering
Vidyanagari, Bhigwan Road,
Baramati, Dist. Pune – 413 133,
Tel: +91-2112- 239503, 239504
Website :




If you want to study, its pretty good. However, if you’ve lived in a city all your life, you’ll quite certainly find it rather difficult to adjust.

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