Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology (RAIT), Nerul


Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology (RAIT) is very close to Nerul Railway Station & Juinagar Railway Station (Harbour Rly) - Takes about 10 minutes by rickshaw.

By Bus : By Dadar-Panvel S.T. bus get down at LP Nerul stop.

By Bus no. 511, 512, 507, 506 get down at D. Y. Patil Bus stand.

NMMT Bus No.44 From Dombivli and Bus No.24 From New Panvel also drop you close to the college.



Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology (RAIT) is housed in a spacious building, part of the huge DY Patil Campus which is home to many other sister institutes. Most of the canteens and faculties are connected internally and there is considerable interaction among people from different faculties. There are close to half a dozen labs (And we mean well maintained ones!). Even though the college is situated in the DY Patil Deemed University campus it is affiliated to University of Mumbai.



B.E. Fee: Rs. 80,000/ year

M.E. Fee: Rs. 55,000/year



Records are good and average salary offered was around Rs. 3.25 lac p.a. for the previous year. The major recruiter is Infosys. Great progress has been made in the recent years and students claim that RAIT placements are now at par with the best colleges in Mumbai.



RAIT has some really dedicated professors. Over the last few years, the standard of the college has increased tremendously and thus excellent teaching staff have been employed in this college. There are some okay teachers. Communication takes place in English. Teachers are not very strict; but at the same time they're not into favourtism. That's about it.



A masala mix of scholars, cyber junkies, diehard headbangers, take-it-easy goers, flunkers, Martians, Gujjus etc. can be found at Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology (RAIT)

Life in RAIT begins at 9:00 AM and seems to end at 6:00 PM (People never leave, they seem to fade away. RAIT is never lifeless). People are into Computers, rock music...rock music and computers. Half of RAIT comprises cyber nuts the other half sleep on guitars.



Strangely enough RAIT canteen (managed by Anna) serves good food at very reasonable rates. Thali, Vada Pav, Masala Dosa are favourites. The ambience has been recently upgraded and now attracts students from every department be it medicine or law and of course engineering. The change has been so drastic that alumni who haven't been to their college for long, can't believe it's the same canteen.



The basement is the site of all underground and nefarious activities. It houses the engineering canteen and the medical canteen. (Medical? Well the engineering & medical colleges are in the same building & engineering guys share a special relationship with the medicals) 
Off campus: Dosa Plaza, Rangoli, CCD, Domino's and the DY Patil stadium.



"Kalaraag" is RAIT's cultural fest that is purely dedicated to performing arts and English, Hindi and prominently Marathi theatre. HORIZON - the inter-college fest. Niyantran, TECHKNOW, TECHMATE, Whizion are other festivals.


Contact Address:

Ramrao Adik Institue of Technology (RAIT)
Sector 7, Phase-I, Dr. D.Y. Patil Vidyanagar,
Nerul, Navi Mumbai-400706,
Tel. 022- 27709574 ; Fax-022-27709573
Website: www.rait.ac.in



Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology (RAIT) is not monotonously boring. In fact it is daringly different. A healthy mix of both education and entertainment. So if you plan to be an engineer with a difference then RAIT is the place to be in.


-2 #44 studycell 2014-08-31 07:33
RAIT people say it is the best college in navi mumbai but father agnel is better than this college for placements but the people here are good overall a good college
-22 #43 Legendary Guy 2014-03-29 20:08
People who give thumbs down to bad comment about college are real jerks why can't they accept true facts !!!!!
though there are many good stuff but equal bad stuff too !!!
#beEthical Please !!
+58 #42 RAITian Guy 2014-02-21 20:11
Oh boy, where do I start! This college is freaking amazing!

If you're a person who just wants to complete engineering, only cares about grades and thinks fests and events are a waste of time, move on. This is definitely not for you. Others, you'll love it here :D

The campus is beautiful, there is a lot of space to hang around and the trees make it better. Chill on the grass, watch cricket matches, play street football, whatever it's your world and no one will stop you.

The crowd is the thing that makes this college stand out from others. Here, you will find all types of personalities and not just one-dimensional nerds and study-oriented people. The campus is always buzzing with activity, students roam around everywhere and there is a shared notion of brotherhood among the students here that you will rarely find in other engineering colleges.

There are A LOT of events and fests here. Seriously, I have lost count. Life is never dull or monotonous, there is always something to look forward to! FE participation is welcomed by the seniors, who are also pretty awesome btw :P. People here love metal and EDM.

Attendance? Don't need it. If you get good marks in tests it doesn't matter how many lectures you've bunked. Self-study is very important here.

And if you think this college is only for enjoyment and partying, it is definitely not so. We have 4 major technical committees that are active throughout the year and you can be a part of them as well. The library is huge and well-resourced. The submissions and vivas take place well before time so you have space to study for sems. You can be assured that your academic education won't be hindered by all the extracurricular activities.

All in all, this college is for those who wish to grow as a person just as much as an engineer. Get in here, you will never regret it!
-8 #41 sarah wilson 2014-01-16 19:21
If you are a serious aspirant for engineering than go for this college. I'm in my FE right now. The faculty is fine. You can bunk lectures if you want but make sure your attendance is 50 percent. Most important is self studies if you want good grades.
-27 #40 RAIT Pure a####### 2013-11-23 21:02
Join this college if you want to waste your career in festivals and stupid worthless activity. If you are geek then join other reputed college.

>Attitude show off

GOOD Stuff
>Few Helping Teachers
>Knowledgeable IT faculty (no idea about others)
+41 #39 Someone! :D 2013-11-05 12:39
Please ignore any bad comments about this college.
Let me tell you about RAIT.
I'm a freshie myself, and I came here only because of the RMRF (RAIT Metal & Rock Fraternity). Yes, RAIT is too famous for metal and rock music and a lot of us make honest attempts to not let the spirit fade away.

About the campus, it's very rare to find a campus like it! It's one of the best I've seen so far!

The teachers, yes, you might have a problem with a few, but there are others who are like really good! So, that basically neutralizes the ones who aren't good.

The principal might be a barrier to a lot of student activities happening (like, he won't let FEs participate in volunteering and stuff), but come on! The seniors create an atmosphere wherein YOU WILL WANT TO BE A PART OF IT and you WILL find a way!

The First year HOD is the most amazing person of all! Even if the princi doesn't, the HOD will let you do awesome stuff!

The basement is no more the centre of nefarious activities! The area at the farthest right hand side of the first floor is!
If you're not a sport, you'd want to stay away from there for the first few months!

THE SENIORS! These are the best people that'll happen to you in your first year of college! There's no one you'd want to stay away from. Each and every person would try to help you out! Be it your studies, or volunteering in events or even your girlfriend/boyf riend scenes! ;-)

THE EVENTS! There's not a month when there isn't an event! And it's too much of fun! Ganpati, Freshers, Techfests, cult events and THE HORIZON!

Hmmpff. The canteen, erm, never mind. It's just heavily priced, you see. But then, you always have the medical canteen! It's like at a distance of a few minutes, but it's worth the walk. It'll satiate both your tummy and also your eyes for both guys and girls alike! (If you know what I mean!)

And, if you are coming to RAIT, there are a few things that you might want to take note of:
1) Too much of studiousness won't work!
2) ROCK & METAL is the type of music you should hear. (Not necessarily, but it'd be good if you do!)
3) Try to be a part of everything! It's worth it. I mean, when else are you gonna participate in stuff?
4) Teachers ka pet nahin banneka! Koi bhaav nahin daalega! ;-)
5) Be a sport! There'll be people trying to mock you! Rise above them!
6) The best part of RAIT is RAIT itself! Don't miss a chance!
...and in spite of all the fun, you study no matter what! You WILL pass with good grades!
+13 #38 OjaS_S 2013-10-18 09:05
The people who say bad things about this college are either boring or never themselves come to college. RAIT stands in a different league of its own. All activities are arranged by students who are dedicated and enjoy full support of the faculty. The teachers are really good, they communicate well with everyone, and the best thing is we get minimum assignments. Fests are awesome, to say the least. Great college for any person to have the best 4 years of his life.!
+7 #37 tango 2013-10-16 22:36
RAIT is the best college in Navi Mumbai
Being FE dunno abt the faculty
But placements seems to be good
You can really enjoy over here along with your studies
Seniors are good and helpful
Infrastructure is great.....
Techfests were good
Excited for horizon
+7 #36 namedeepak 2013-08-20 17:27
Placement 2011-12

1) Computer-129
2) Electronics-105
3) Electronics & telecommunication-64
4) IT-60
5) Instrumentation-25

Placement 2012-13

1) Computer-72
2) Electronics-55
3) Ele & telecommunication-55
4) IT-34
5) Instrumentation-21
+1 #35 Edward Snoden 2013-07-09 09:49
Faculty is not good. Everybody has to join private tuitions... the only good thing about this institute is the Placements which is because of the Industry contacts of the management.. not the reputation (it never had one really).

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