Aurora’s Technological and Research Institute (ATRI), Parvathapur


Aurora’s Technological and Research Institute (ATRI) is located in Parvathapur near Uppal in Eastern Hyderabad. A couple of RTC buses from the 113 and 284 series ferry you right up to the college premises. But, if you miss them, countless others will still leave you at the Warangal Highway and you have to travel the remaining 3 kilometres in a share auto or a friend's bike. The college provides bus services but there are few people who choose it as it's very expensive (Rs. 22,000/- per year)



Aurora’s Technological and Research Institute (ATRI) operates from two separate blocks - an old one and a recently built new block. Things appear to be in place, except that they're NOT. Students claim that most labs are running on half the equipments, library is spacious but doesn't have enough books, there's no Wi-Fi and Internet speed in computer labs is excruciatingly slow. Moreover, the college as good as doesn't provide hostel facilities as the only girls hostel is in a dilapidated condition. Students expect a changed environment once everything gets settled at the new block.



Nearly Rs. 80,000/- per year



At least half the lecturers in all departments at Aurora’s Technological and Research Institute (ATRI) are said to be inexperienced. Aspiring students are thoroughly disappointed with the teaching in the first and second year and by the time better professors take over in the third year, most have lost faith in 'ENGINEERING' itself. ECE department is thought to be an exception.


Attendance & Discipline:

Aurora’s Technological and Research Institute (ATRI) is particular about attendance and defaulters are strictly dealt with. Students with up to 65% attendance are let off only if they've had some serious illness; the rest must have over 75%. 

Similar to other Aurora Group institutes, white shirt and blue trousers (or denims) is the recommended dress code. 



Aurora’s Technological and Research Institute (ATRI) is supposedly the second best engineering college in the Aurora Group, immediately after the Bhongir campus. Naturally, it's sought-after even by some of the top rankers in the state resulting in a diverse but fun-loving crowd. As opposed to most other engineering colleges, the number of girls at ATRI is at par with the boys or even higher in some departments.



The original canteen area was slashed into two with one part being converted to a lab of some sorts leaving behind a tiny area which gets overcrowded during lunch hours every single day. Food served isn't too great either and students are quickly switching over to carrying lunch boxes from home.



Uppal and Habsiguda are just 5-8 kilometres away; so if you can find a couple of buddies and a vehicle to ride on, there's everything from multi-cuisine restaurants and bakeries to lounges and ice cream parlours.



Technical, cultural and sports events are organized during 'ISRA', a 3-day festival celebrated in September.



Companies like Infosys, Mphasis, Mahindra Satyam, Syntel and a few mid-level local companies recruit about 40-80 students from Aurora’s Technological and Research Institute (ATRI) accounting to about 10-20% placements. Salaries offered range between Rs. 2 lakh to Rs. 3.25 lakh per year. 



Aurora’s Technological and Research Institute (ATRI),
Parvathapur, Uppal, Hyderabad - 500 039
Phone: +91-40-27201006, +91-40-27666339



Aurora’s Technological and Research Institute (ATRI), although considered the second best among Aurora Institutes, features nowhere close to any of the best engineering colleges of Hyderabad. Nevertheless, a decent option for average to below average rankers.


-5 #3 mk rebel 2014-03-03 21:55
no bus facility and very dangerous collage i have ever seen
+8 #2 Pavan kumar aTRIAN 2013-12-23 14:41
Seriously, worst management I have ever seen. Money minded management, decreasing fame and faculty is less concerned about placements are main things when we speak about the college ATRI.
+3 #1 Madhusudan PL 2013-11-12 11:15
As the campus is located very interior from the main road and difficult to catch a bus during peak hrs like mor/eve. Why don't the mngmt provide a shuttle service from the peerzadiguda kaman with nominal charge if necessary. Lot of the students seem hanging around for a bus or prv auto at the kaman. It helps lot of students in saving time.

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