MVSR Engineering College (MVSREC), Nadergul


MVSR Engineering College (MVSREC) is located along the Nadergul Main Road in the southern outskirts of Hyderabad, about 15 kilometres from Koti. RTC buses in the 203 series are pretty frequent in the area and reaching the college is a cakewalk. Moreover, the college provides bus facilities at Rs. 15,000 per year which are usually preferred by first year students. 



The campus of MVSR Engineering College (MVSREC) spreads over vast stretches of land Plenty of open areas and green plantations make the environment relaxed and pleasing. Laboratory equipments, classrooms, library, Internet are all well maintained. "Just that the college was established in 1981 and things appear old" says a student.

Hostel facility is available for boys but few opt for it (mostly juniors) not because the maintenance is intolerable, but because Santosh Nagar offers much better places for accommodation at nearly the same costs.



Rs. 82,400 per year 



In the first two years of engineering at MVSR Engineering College (MVSREC), a couple of subjects are taught by excellent professors while the remaining three or four subjects have mediocre teachers. As you reach the higher years, quality of education keeps improving with absolutely flawless teaching in the final year. "We have friends in other top engineering colleges of Hyderabad. And 3 out of 5 aren't completely satisfied with the faculty. But at MVSR, we feel really proud" students told Stupidsid.


Attendance & Discipline:

MVSR Engineering College (MVSREC) may be strict about attendance but it doesn't get too arrogant about it. 75% attendance is recommended but those participating in technical events, sports or carrying out certain co-curricular activities are granted further relaxation. Moreover, unlike most other engineering colleges in Hyderabad, MVSR allows students to freely move in and out of the campus.



Being one of the finest engineering colleges in Hyderabad, MVSR Engineering College attracts a lot of young talent. "Everyone is amongst the first 5000 or 7000 rankers in the state, so obviously you'll find nerds" reveals a student, adding "but there are an equal number enthusiastic lads to hang around with". The crowd is charged up and each one of them wants to excel in at least one of academics, sports or co-curricular activities.



A huge canteen, enough to accommodate over 100 students comfortably, serves delicious food at reasonable costs. Stupidsid's team tried a couple of dishes recommended by the students here and was delighted. Apart from the canteen, a couple of food stalls scattered around the campus offer Maggi noodles, juices and ice cream.



Unfortunately, there's not much to look up to in close proximity. Santosh Nagar is the best bet for a quick snack or a nice movie.



'Samavarthan' is the technical festival while 'Sangamam' is the cultural festival celebrated at MVSR Engineering College (MVSREC). The two college fests are organized in alternate years. Besides 'Samavarthan' and 'Sangamam', each department at MVSR has it's own technical events.



MVSR Engineering College has shown phenomenal progress in campus placements in the past 5 years. Over 500-600 job offers are made to students from every batch mainly by IT giants like Cognizant, Infosys, Wipro and Mahindra Satyam. Civil and Mechanical engineering graduates also have opportunities to work in their core fields with companies like Robert Bosch, Nagarjuna Constructions, HCC, L&T and a couple of other local infrastructure companies. Salaries range between Rs. 1.8 lakh on the lower end to Rs. 5 lakh per annum on the higher end. Microsoft conducted interviews for the batch of 2012 offering a Rs. 16 lakh package but couldn't find anyone to grab it. If some bright students manage to crack the interviews in the future it'll be a proud moment for MVSR Engineering College.


Contact Address:

MVSR Engineering College (MVSREC),
Nadergul, Saroornagar Mandal,
Ranga Reddy District, Hyderabad - 501 510
Phone: (08415) 244362, 244867



MVSR Engineering College is ranked amongst the top 10 engineering colleges in Hyderabad and if it's superb performance continues, it may even break into the top 5.


+4 #2 Bhargava 2014-01-08 12:57
I recently passed out from MVSR Engineering college and one thing I would like to say is that the college gives its students one essential thing..."Freedo m"...You can go out any time you wish.. Nobody will bother you for attendance or so but every dept is ready to help you to excel... Every friend of mine learnt one skill at least in the college because the faculty is always ready to help... Professors are much interested in helping people who actually want to be helped and are not bothered about those who take studies lightly. The same holds with the sports department.. The only drawback is college will not publicize itself and hence is not known by many in the state. Professors are excellent and you can take maximum from them. I myself wrote 2 papers under a professor and was captain of the football team. :-)
0 #1 Meraj uddin 2013-10-14 12:42
I was looking for info about MVSR college... I found it very good and interesting... I am a diploma holder wanna join MVSR college for further studies

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