Vel Tech Dr RR & Dr SR Technical University (VTU), Avadi

Note: Vel Tech Dr RR & SR Technical University is a Private University. It shouldn't be confused with any of the 3 Anna University affiliated engineering colleges run by the same management.


Vel Tech Institutions are located in the interiors near Avadi, which is approximately 30 km from Chennai. The college is located in a desolate area quite far from the city which happens to be some 7 km off the main road. The college is not easily accessible from by MTC buses; also there is no settlement nearby. Most of the students here travel by college bus, even the hostel-ites as the hostel is about 2.5 km away from the college building.



The campus houses 4 engineering colleges namely: Vel Tech, VelTech Multi Tech, VelTech High Tech & Vel Tech University. There are also other courses as well on campus which is spread over a sprawling 152 acres, which in spite of its expanse has been maintained very well. The college provides all kind of sports facilities for students to excel in spors. The college even has a swimming pool unlike any college Chennai. Classrooms are nice and spacious with projectors available in each class. The labs are well equipped and library too has decent collection of books. The campus infra is truly worth a mention.

Hostel facility is available for students, but only Vel Tech University college students stay on the hostel in the campus. Other colleges’ (Vel Tech, VelTech Multi Tech, VelTech High Tech) students have to stay on the hostels which are approx. 2.5 km away from the main campus. Don’t worry, you don’t need to walk up the distance, college has made provisions for buses, and the good thing is they ply on Sundays too.


Fee Structure:

Rs 1,92,000 per annum



Students claim that most of the teachers are good, but there are some teachers who have erratic behaviour. There are a few teachers who do not like the college and students are the ones who lose out. Overall the entire faculty here is good and most of the students are satisfied with the teachers.


Attendance & Discipline:

Attendance is not very strict but you need to maintain it around 75%. The college is very strict when it comes to discipline. Every classroom has CCTV installed, so any indecency or misbehaviour is very easily spotted. Boys and girls are not allowed to mingle with each other, if boys and girls are seen together then strict action can be taken against them. So if you plan to bloom your love life here, forget it!!

If you are a night person you might be disappointed knowing that you need to be inside the hostel latest by 6pm. Yes at times Sun may still be out there but you need to be in.



In Vel Tech University there are many students coming from the North Indian states. Almost 70% of the students are from North India. There aren’t many day scholars at the university. Very few local-ites are here, they rather opt for the Anna University colleges of Vel Tech than the Vel Tech University. North Indian student may find it difficult to gel well in the environment here.



There is a canteen in each college. With so many canteens students have a good number of options but then students prefer to hang in their respective college itself. There is a 'Coffee Express Café’ on the campus, but students usually prefer canteen which are relatively cheap and you get both lunch and breakfast items.

Hostel students are happy with the mess food, at times monotony can get to you, but otherwise it is very much edible.



The placements keep happening round the year. There are a few IT companies coming to recruit students of which TCS is the most notable. The placements are not very high here, just about decent. Don’t get enticed by the round the year recruitment cycle.


Contact Address:

Vel Tech Dr RR & Dr SR Technical University
#42, Avadi-VelTech Road,
Avadi, Chennai – 600062.
Phone: + 91 - 44 - 26840896 / 869 / 249



If you really have the kind of money to pay the fees then you surely wouldn’t be caring about the campus placement. This college can be considered in case you don’t get in to the tier 1 Anna University affiliated colleges and if you stay nearby.


+8 #7 Adarsh J 2014-03-20 18:38
Please dont join this colllege . Suffered 4 years here , i dont want anyone else to join here. But they would somehow bring some companies for placement but no value for what you study
-5 #6 YOSESWARAN 2014-03-06 09:45
-8 #5 YOSESWARAN 2014-03-06 09:42
Its the very best university in Chennai. I have studied in this university and got placed in TCS through placement department.
+4 #4 ali khan 2014-03-04 15:53
compared to veltech multitech...thi s is the worst college.
+15 #3 sumit khajanchi 2014-01-27 14:31
I have completed my BE from this college, And now I feel that it was my biggest mistake joining this college. It's worst. The management here fools others by showcasing this university name under Veltech high tech and multitech. The teaching quality is below poor margin. After completing my 4 years here, I feel that I'm just blank. Rules and Regulation and the management suck here. They really have no mercy on students and their career.

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