Sri Sairam Engineering College (SSEC), West Tambaram


Sai Ram College is located in West Tambaram on Darkas road nearly 10 km from Tambaram Bus station. Reaching campus can be a pain if you are travelling from Chennai all the way. It takes approximately 2 hours to reach the college from Central. The college has a fleet of 100 buses plying on all possible routes in and around Chennai. Most of the students travel by bus itself. Some students take bus up to Tambaram and then they travel by MTC buses.



Sri Sairam Engineering College is located on the huge campus spanning over 200 acres. The campus is beautiful with a lake adjacent to it adding beauty to it. College buildings are designed beautifully and hopefully it shall be maintained well. The college has paid a good attention to the infrastructure. The labs are well equipped and in good conditions. CSE labs are amazing. The library is huge and is well stocked. Students can also study in the library, provisions for that have been made.

Aesthetics of the campus have been paid a lot of attention to – well trimmed shrubs, grass cut to a proper length, trees well planted – all in all it is visually pleasing.

College has huge hostels. The college hostels are decent with good, spacious rooms. Hostel rooms aren’t as good as the beautiful campus promises. But they are way better than most other colleges. Overall environment in the college is good.



College fees Rs 35,000 via counseling + establishment charges Rs 20,000 + career development fees Rs 9,000. So overall it comes around 65 thousand a year.



Sri Sairam Engineering College makes sure it picks up well qualified teachers having a good experience. Every department has at least 2 PhDs, and the others are at least post graduates. No teacher is a ‘directly out of college fresher’. Although the teachers are well qualified, students have complaints regarding their teaching and highly doubt their understanding of the subject.

Many of the professors are from the industry for Civil and Mechanical faculties. One thing common to all the faculties is that all the teachers are very strict. Strictness here is on to another level.


Attendance & Discipline:

Sri Sai Ram Engg College is (in)famous for being extra strict and paying high attention to discipline. Students here are expected to maintain 100% attendance. Absence of every day will attract a fine of Rs 50. If a student misses college 3 times a month, his/her parents are summoned. Students going for participating in various symposium are given OD (On Duty, simply put: attendance) only if you win.

Talking in the class can also attract punishment. Students failing in any subject in the unit test are made to attend evening classes.

Grooming is paid high attention. It goes without saying that formals are compulsory - light shirt and dark pants. Boys are expected to clean shave, even a bit of stubble can land you in trouble.

Boys & girls’ talking with each other is treated like a crime here. If students are caught behaving indecently even off campus, still disciplinary actions can be taken.



Most of the students coming to Sri Sai Ram are very studious and well prepared for the discipline here. There are some rebels but they fall in line very soon – within a semester at the most. Whether the crowd is fun loving or not doesn’t matter here as you won’t be doing anything remotely related to fun in your four years of college life. There is no enjoyment after college hours as you are expected to be in the bus soon. In the bus too you are supposed to maintain discipline. So all that you need to do is find similar souls who think the way you do and will help you in misery.



The cafeteria is big but during the breaks it does get crowded. Canteen offers a good variety of food available. There is no seating arrangement in the canteen but there are many tables for you to keep your plates while eating. Mess food is compulsory for all students. Students are allowed to carry their own lunch unless for medical reason.



Espanto, Crypton, Prodix, Fuerza are the technical symposiums organized by the various departments of Sri Sai Ram Engineering College. These symposiums see a good participation from various engineering colleges across city. They are better than most of the other college symposiums.

Cultural event also happen once a year, but it is only intra-college. There is good participation seen from all the college students.



Sri Sai Ram Engineering College has good placement records. The college manages to get more than 90% of the students placed, which is a very good number.

Many companies don’t even keep an aptitude test for students of SSEC who have secured more than 75% in engineering. TCS and Wipro are the major recruiters offering more than 400 jobs each.

Most of the companies are offering IT profiles. There are some core electronics companies also visiting the campus like Sasken, Siemens, Vodafone and Voltas to name a few.


Contact Address:

Sri Sai Ram Engineering College (SSEC)
Sai Leo Nagar, West Tambaram,
Chennai – 600044.
Phone: 044 - 2251 2222 (8 Lines)



Sri Sairam Engineering College (SSEC) is one of the best engineering colleges in Chennai under Anna University. Too strict but if you think this kind of environment will help you, then a perfect choice. Don’t expect any fun in your life for the 4 years you study here. Academic wise a great choice.


0 #3 sangeetha 2014-06-26 17:04
sairam has good reputation but many boys dont prefer to go there because there is a well known buzz that it is worst than a strict school and there is absolutely no fun .
0 #2 sangeetha 2014-06-21 17:30
Sairam college has a good name ..but many very good students are not interested in joining is this college simply because their seniors had told them that this college is like a jail ., and they have no freedom whatsoever.! After all college life comes only once! Studies are important but it is not everything and cant be done all the time ! Hence such very good students chose other colleges where there is mix of studies and fun
+15 #1 anbu nesan 2013-08-05 17:18
Don't choose this college plz I'm student of this college my mark is 1150 in +2 but I have 5 arrears in 1st sem

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