Xavier Institute of Engineering, Mahim


Xavier Institute of Engineering is 15 minutes by foot from Mahim railway station (W. Rly. And Harbour Rly.) However, the roads are very dusty and there is a traffic jam always so it is very irritating to walk. But with no other option, one has  to suffer everyday while coming from and going to college. The other option is to come by bus, again a 15 minute walk on foot from Mahim bus depot. A few buses do drop you right in front of the college but their frequency really sucks.



The infrastructure Xavier Institute of Engineering is not very satisfactory. The college ground is big enough to play all sports. Majority of the lab equipments work properly. Classooms are in decent conditon. Libraries have desired number of books. Lack of lush green plantations is a big thumbs down to such a huge campus.



Rs. 68,240/year



Most of the teachers at Xavier Instiute of Engineering (XIE) are good but there are a few horrible exceptions. The fresh graduates who have taken up teaching are really pathetic. The best faculty is in EXTC and IT departments.



The principal has started the system of sending letters at home and threatens to detain students who bunk regularly. As long as you keep it above 70% there should be no problems.



There are many Christians because of  the Christian quota at Xavier Engineering College. Overall the crowd is good and you won’t realize where time went by.  Four years of engineering can be easily dealt with.



The canteen is small and there is too less variety of food to offer. XAVIER’s MANAGEMENT, if you ever happen to read this, please do something about it. The prices are economical though.



Only one word, “Bandra”. There is nothing much in Mahim so the students usually head to Bandra which is nearby. Innumerable places to go once you reach Bandra.



The cultural festival of Xavier Institute of Engineering is “Spandan” and the technical festival is “Transmission”. They are usually held in February in alternate years. So, effectively only one festival to have fun every year. SIGH!



60% of the students get placed. Tech Mahindra takes maximum students. Patni, Infosys, Accenture and Quinox are the other major companies. The placements and salaries offered are just about average. It is said that Panasonic recruited a student from EXTC and offered 12 lakh p.a.. Hope it's true.


Contact Address:

Xavier Institute of Engineering,
Opposite S.L.Raheja Hospital,
Mahim Causeway, Mahim (West),
Mumbai - 400016.
Website: www.xavierengg.com



Xavier Engineering College is definitely not your first choice but it is a better option than the colleges which are far away from Mumbai if you don’t manage to get into the top colleges.


+7 #11 DK BOSE 2013-01-29 15:09
Nice college. Pretty average though. Most of the time the college is totally empty. I have hardly seen any seniors in my time in XIE.
Staff has BMC mentality.
Attendance is very strict and teaching is average.
If u have 130+ in MH-CET please don't opt for this college
+8 #10 Mehtab 2013-01-13 12:01
This college rocks as long as you mind your own business.
3rd class staff (especially teaching staff).
Library is not at all a favorable place to sit and study (thanks to the mosquitoes).
During exams you will get to enjoy Koli music and dance quite often.
Don't ever try to eat in the canteen, you'll most probably meet fried cockroach someday. You better go and eat in the next lane.
Principal (well I don't really feel like talking about him. It lowers my dignity).
Most of the times when you enter the college, you feel like you have come for a wedding. You have a plus point here. You can have dinner for free if you want.
Talking of festivals, they are OK except for some restrictions from management.
Placement is OK compared to quality of teaching.
I give this college 1 star out of 5 star.
Don't try to make this college as your option unless you have done very bad in entrance exams.
+5 #9 Jack Daniel 2012-04-18 08:39
The moment you enter this life-sucking heck-hole of a college you will start to feel like the fishermen and slum lords inhabiting the surrounding areas. The canteen is truly pathetic and there always exists the chance that cockroaches have been cooked along with the chicken (true story). The "gymkhana" is a closed room full of moss and traces of fungus. If you want to get married, I'm pretty sure the principal will let you have the ground, cause some Tom, Dick or Harry seems to have his wedding on the college ground every other day.
+21 #8 Noose-booger 2012-02-25 08:04
Oscar Wilde after seeing the 3 story Xavier Institute of Engineering- 'Never knew shit could pile up so high.'
Truth be told, this college is not the best way to spend your 4(or more) Engineering years. Reasons being:
1. Attendance is strict as hell.
2. The area sucks.
3. The canteen serves jail food.
4. Average campus
5. The crowd is really really average.

Feels like the weight of the world before you graduate. Convocation=sal vation from this God forsaken Guantanamo of a place
+16 #7 Avinash M 2012-02-18 20:16
I dont understand on basis the princy of dis college is hiring lecturers... Faculty of comps is not at all good..
There are some new teachers who really need to improve their Accent in English...
The teaching department in Extc is good..
Placement situation is improved nw then to this college shud b among ua last preferences...
And the cultural fest spandan is pathetic..

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