Bhaskar Engineering College (BEC), Moinabad


Bhaskar Engineering College (BEC) is located on the main road in Yenkapally, Moinabad, a distant suburb in Western Hyderabad, not far from the famous Chilkur Balaji Temple. Few RTC buses in the 288-series pass by the college campus but they're over-crowded during peak hours. Lack of another alternative has forced more than half the students to commute by College Buses, in spite of the cost (Rs. 15,000 per year) which is 5 or 6 times RTC buses.



When you enter the campus, it may not appear too big; however, once you start exploring you'll realize its enormousness and feel that it's probably 100 acres as claimed. And why not? After all, it's home to JBIET, JBREC, JBR Pharmacy College, Bhaskar Medical College and a few more institutes apart from Bhaskar Engineering College (BEC). Sports facilities like criket, carrom, chess, table tennis etc. are available but things aren't managed efficiently so students don't feel like using them much. Since it's a recently established college, the building appears fresh and classrooms, labs, library too are admirable.

Hostel facilities are available for both boys and girls for a little more than Rs. 40,000/year. However, the condition is pathetic - cramped up rooms, sporadic water supply, no Internet and tasteless food. 



Rs. 35,000/- per year for convener as well as management seats



HODs are highly qualified and have a thorough knowledge of the subjects. The major cause of worry are the temporary staff, who are freshers and trying their hand at teaching. Most of the lecturers are just B.Tech pass-outs and are doing their masters now. Internal marks depend upon your conduct and your rapport with the teachers. Most of the faculties teach in English and Telegu; so students have no complains.


Attendance & Discipline:

If you've got deep pockets, you probably shouldn't worry about attendance - just be ready to shell out fines proportional to your shortage in attendance. Anything between Rs. 500 to Rs. 15,000 may be charged depending on whether you have 70% attendance or 40%. It's best to stay over 40% if you're not looking for some serious trouble and over 75% if the college fees is pinching you already.

Unlike most engineering colleges in Hyderabad, Bhaskar Engineering College (BEC) has an open gate system wherein students can enter or leave the campus as they wish. Plus, there aren't too many restrictions on dress codes and freedom to roam around in the campus.



The crowd at Bhaskar Engineering College (BEC) is more or less what you expect from a lower-rung, remote college. Students are probably disillusioned with either engineering, or life in general, because their faces are said to show signs of defeat. Only if you are terribly lucky will you find good company for yourself. 



"Oh there's Central Canteen, Bhaskar Medical College canteen, Bhaskar Engineering College canteen as well as something we call 'Aunty Canteen' which is near the girls hostel" exclaims an excited bunch of students. Of all the canteens, the favourite happens to be Bhaskar Medical College canteen as it serves excellent food (including non-vegetarian) at low costs. The Central Canteen is a close competitor but loses out on limited varieties and only vegetarian food.



Bhaskar Engineering College (BEC) college authorities must have thought about this before permitting an open gate system. There's nothing interesting in the vicinity to hang around with friends. Oh and by the way, who said you're gonna find friends who love to chill and relax or watch movies?



'INXS' is the most awaited event of the year and witnesses participation from the entire group of JB institutions. The mega event happens in March and the days are lined up with a variety of cultural programs. Besides that, there's hardly another time which calls for cheering.



The first batch that passed out in 2011 witnessed egregious placements. Two companies, namely Syntel and Ocean Ship Maritime Services, visited the campus and offered jobs to six students! The remaining 400-odd students were left helpless. From then on, even great efforts and regular prayers by the students have failed to fructify and bring any significant improvements.



Bhaskar Engineering College (BEC)
Yenkapally, Moinabad (M), R.R. District,
Hyderabad - 500075
Phone:  0841 3235024, 9247000908



Bhaskar Engineering College (BEC) continuous to be one of the least preferred engineering colleges in Hyderabad and only miraculous improvement by the college can lift it up from the mess it's currently in.


0 #1 ramesh1 2013-09-30 12:30
There no labs and very very less number of qualified faculty in Bhaskar Engineering College.

Management collects lots of money in the form of condonation.

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