Matrusri Engineering College (MEC), Saidabad


Located in South-Central Hyderabad's Saidabad, Matrusri Engineering College (MEC) is one of the few engineering colleges within city limits. The surrounding area is mainly residential and hence, is very peaceful. Series of RTC bus numbers 90, 92, 102, 104, 277 drop you close to the college and almost 75% of the students prefer using these services. There's no college bus facility provided and the other travel on their own vehicles.



As it's an upcoming college, parts of the campus are still under construction but the completed sections look fabulous as they've newly been built. Students hope that they'll maintain it well. Equipments in labs are still being updated but the students don't face any problems as any missing stuff is brought in from MVSR Engineering College, it's sister concern. However, the temporary library is too small and doesn't have any enough books. Moreover, Internet access is available only in a tiny and congested room with 5 computer systems. Hostel facilities are not provided and non-localites have to manage in some private hostels in the surrounding areas. Sports facilities, too, aren't operable and students expect better amenities once construction work is finished.



Rs. 64,000 per year for convener seats



Some professors from MVSR have been teaching at Matrusri Engineering College (MEC) and thus, the quality of teaching is not compromised. Majority of the faculty members have been teaching for the past 3-4 years and although they don't have vast teaching experience they do a fair job.


Attendance & Discipline:

Matrusri Engineering College (MEC) does not tolerate low attendance or casual attitude towards academics. Defaulters with attendance lower than 60% are given repeated warnings and if they fail to make up for attendance by the end of the term, they're suspended. College timings are 9:40am to 4:10pm and the gates are closed during this time so don't dream about bunking lectures or reaching the college late.



A centrally located Engineering college is bound to attract a number of Hyderabad city-dwellers. It's affiliation to Osmania University (OU) and the attached legacy of MVSR is an added advantage. Majority of the students are localites but since the college has been newly established, most of those who opt for it are average to below average rankers.



It occupies a small area in an isolated corner of the campus. Food served is hygienic and palatable but the sitting space is too less. Meals are priced at Rs. 30-35



It's not as difficult to come across some 'cool places' to hang around with friends as it is to find some 'cool friends' to hang out with. Didn't get it? Never mind..!!



As none of the batches have passed out, it's difficult to comment. But if Matrusri Engineering College (MEC) follows MVSR's path, nothing better.



Matrusri Engineering College (MEC),
#16-1-486, Saidabad,
Hyderabad - 500059
Phone: +91-40-24074765/24072764



Matrusri Engineering College (MEC) is still in its nascent stages and although it may not feature anywhere amongst the most preferred engineering colleges of Hyderabad, it certainly holds the potential to do so.


+4 #1 Prof. Allu Uma 2014-03-13 10:27
Faculty with 30 plus yrs.are recruited

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