NBN Sinhgad School of Engineering (NBN SSOE), Ambegaon


The college is located in new Sinhgad NBN technical campus at Ambegaon (Bk), which is just besides the famous Sinhgad Vadgaon campus. You can reach college directly by Katraj highway but there is also a route through the Vadgaon campus. Travelling by PMT buses is costly and moreover they drop you on the highway which is a long walk from college. Thus travelling by own vehicle is a preferred & popular option.



NBN SSOE is located in the Ambegaon campus which is somewhat smaller than the adjoining Vadgaon campus; practically these two are connected internally making the combined Sinhgad Technical Education Society’s (STES) campus enormous. Ambegaon campus which is also referred to as ‘lower campus’ houses a number of newly constructed buildings for MCA, MBA & Engineering departments. Infrastructure is quite impressive. The classrooms are well ventilated and clean with a projector is available in each of them. Labs are well equipped for computer branches as well as core branches. The entire campus is Wi-fi enabled.

The campus includes hostels as well, which being newly constructed, are very nice and well maintained. The only problem is the mess which is highly unorganized and serves very appalling food.



Rs 70,000 per year.



The faculty is neither exceptionally good nor terribly bad. Mechanical and EXTC has got better faculty than others. Electrical also has decent teachers. But IT and Computer branches have to somewhat compromise on this front. They have and constantly are bringing in better faculties while holding on to good ones among current staff. Guest lecturers are also called for some subjects from Smt Kashibai Navale Coll of Engg (SKNCOE), Vadgaon and Sinhgad College of Engineering (SCOE), Vadgaon.



College is really STRICT about attendance. Maintaining 75% as per university norms wouldn’t suffice here. College requires 90% attendance and those failing to achieve that are in for serious trouble. Punishments for defaulters can be anything from fines to detention. But this strictness, has shown amazing improvement in results.



Majority of the crowd hails from well to do families and almost everyone’s nice to gel with. There’s a good mixture of localites and hostelites. In all probabilities you will make very good friends here.



The canteens are nice and food, tasty. All reasonably priced. Not to worry on this front at all, since campus has multitude of canteens and restaurants. A new shopping complex has also been recently started in campus.



The campus itself is a big place to hang out. But other than that there is not much to do in nearby areas and one has to go to the proper city.



NBN SSOE, like all other sinhgad colleges, participates in ‘Sinhgad Karandak’ which is a grand fiesta involving all institutions under the umbrella of STES. Apart from that college also holds individual technical fests and cultural events.



The first batch of college isn’t out yet. But looking at result of students, promises made by college and hard-working placement cell the future doesn’t seem gloomy like that of some of other newly started engineering colleges in Pune. Moreover Sinhgad usually conducts centralised placements, and considering Sinhgad legacy good placements are hoped for.



STES’ NBN Sinhgad School of Engineering (NBN SSOE)
S.No. 10/1, Ambegaon (Bk),
Off Sinhgad Road, Pune – 411041.
Phone: 020-24355042/46
Email: nbnssoe@sinhgad.edu
Website: www.cms.sinhgad.edu



NBN SSOE is comparatively a new college but that doesn’t equate it to a bad college. It provides all the required facilities – be it infrastructure, faculty or entertainment – but in return asks for attendance and good results. A good choice for students with average score in entrance exam. You will get decent education here, along with enjoying your four years of college life.


0 #14 Roach 2014-01-15 10:56
Worst College ever, Don't opt for this college rather kill yourself!!
+2 #13 CON 2013-09-17 10:35
very bakwas college...dont go because of Name ......
here nothing innovative is there....only bookish teaching .... only academics
+1 #12 maddewad Balaji 2013-08-24 11:14
I am proud of my college
-6 #11 rahul ekhande 2013-08-02 10:52
Bakwas college! This is not college but this is a school.....
-13 #10 Amit sathate 2013-07-04 19:57
Avg. placement in NBN branch (M.B.A.)

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