Vignana Bharathi Institute of Technology (VBIT), Ghatkesar


Vignana Bharathi Institute of Technology (VBIT)is 5-6 kilometres beyond Ghatkesar, a distant suburb in North-Eastern Hyderabad. Since most RTC buses cater areas up to Ghatkesar (about 20 kms from central Hyderabad), students have to rely on district buses to travel the remaining distance. And that’s when their troubles begin – these buses do not follow schedules, they are overcrowded and they may not even stop where you want them to. Even after this arduous journey, students have to walk the last 2 kilometres on foot before reaching the campus, unless they’re lucky and catch the only bus in the day that drops them right at the college gate. That is probably why nearly half the frustrated students have opted for the college bus service in spite of the excruciatingly high charges (Rs. 15,000/year). Another alternative a few students use is to take a share-auto from Ghatkesar for Rs. 10-15 per head.



Vignana Bharathi Institute of Technology (VBIT) is known to have one of the finest infrastructures amongst engineering colleges in Hyderabad. The majestic college building stands tall and wide with lawns and sports grounds right in front of the structure. Labs are said to be excellent and updated with modern equipments on a regular basis. Computer labs are air-conditioned and provide uninterrupted internet access. There’s a separate library block which is divided into a book section and a reading room. A missing hostel is perhaps the only drawback as far as infrastructure is concerned.



Rs. 35,000 through convenor seats
Rs. 90,000 through management seats



The faculty for first year engineering students at Vignana Bharathi Institute of Technology (VBIT) is flawless. It’s the later years when it starts deteriorating. Although all the teachers are highly qualified many are said to lack enough teaching experience required to teach the third and fourth year students. The EEE department is an exception and continues to provide outstanding professors through all four years. Computer Science, on the other hand, is disheartening for those who come here with great expectations.


Attendance & Discipline:

Vignana Bharathi Institute of Technology (VBIT) is pretty relaxed with attendance issues as long as it’s not too low. Defaulters who’ve attended at least half the lectures and lab sessions are let off if they pay the nominal fines (Rs. 300/semester). Those between 40% and 50% attendance are scolded by their HODs and asked to state strong and genuine reasons apart from paying the above fine. Their parents may also be summoned. Anyone with attendance lower than 40% is not allowed to appear for University exams.

Although attendance is relatively flexible, students aren’t allowed to bunk once they’re in the campus. A closed-gate system is in place and the security guards make sure you can’t leave the campus till 4pm unless you’ve obtained permissions from the respective authorities. College timings are 9:50am to 4:20pm



Being one of the best colleges in this area, it attracts a lot of talented youngsters who apart from being good at academics, excel in sports and extracurricular activities too. However, the unfavourable location is a deterrent for many.



The canteen is roomy and serves average food quality. But the students do not have complaints as the prices are reasonable. Veg puffs are for Rs. 8, meals and chicken fried rice for Rs. 30.



After college-hours students sit outside at the ‘adda ’ – a small hutment which serves a few snack varieties and cold drinks. Some wait there till the bus arrives while some others just stare at the sun till it goes down. Hanging around in the campus is restricted and may attract a fine of Rs. 50 or so.



‘ViBha’ is the annual college-fest of Vignana Bharathi Institute of Technology (VBIT) celebrated in January each year. As there are no separate department level fests, ‘ViBha’ is certainly the most awaited event. Apart from ‘ViBha’, the IEEE society of the college also organizes a few events and workshops.



Placements at Vignana Bharathi Institute of Technology (VBIT) had been remarkable till recently. However, since the last couple of years they have been dwindling and only a quarter of the total students manage to grab jobs on-campus. And although the companies recruiting from VBIT may still include big names like HCL, Infosys and Syntel, the number people being hired by these giants is just a little more than two dozen. The remaining have to settle with mid-level IT companies.



Vignana Bharathi Institute of Technology (VBIT),
Ausharpur (V), Ghatkesar (M),
Ranga Reddy (Dist) – 501 301
Phone: 08415-200419



Despite the worrying placement scenario, Vignana Bharathi Institute of Technology (VBIT) continues to enjoy a position amongst the top 5 engineering colleges in Ghatkesar, probably because, its got top-notch infrastructure, skilful faculty and a student-friendly environment.


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