St. Francis Institute of Technology (SFIT), Borivali


St. Francis Institute of Technology (SFIT) is a 10 minute rickshaw ride from Borivali station (Western Railway) and a couple of steps  from the famous Bhagwati hospital. Lots of BEST buses (203, 204, 206, 207, 210, 707) from Borivali station drop you right outside the college gate. Buses are the ideal mode of transpotation to this college. Accesibility to SFIT is never an issue.



St. Francis Institute of Technology (SFIT) has a school-type infrastructure. The campus is huge and well maintained but not eye appealing. It is very clean just like any other Catholic institutes. A gymkhana which comprises Table Tennis , carrom and chess. Facilities for outdoor games like volleyball, basketball, football and badminton are available to the students. Very often you'll see the volleyball court turns into a gully cricket ground.  The classrooms are good, but again the same school type benches, blackboards, and windows to look out from (during the lecture). Okay washrooms, very good elevators and peaceful campus completes the infrastructure. Currently it is undergoing renovation and up gradation of laboratories.



Rs. 69,910/ year



The senior and the experienced lot of the staff at SFIT excel in teaching. The students depend on their teaching. But they are few in numbers. On the other hand the newly recruited staff is not so good. Students often say that many of them have no knowledge of the subject. They have towering attitude problems and are always looking to find an opportunity to torture students. They want the students to be disciplined but are not even close to it themselves. Overall only a handful of students find the teaching staff pretty good. Computer and IT dept. are good while the EXTC dept needs improvement.



Attendance at St. Francis is extremely strict. 90% attendance is recommended. However, the minimum must be 75%. Failing which students might face punishments or parents may be called. Few students have also faced detainment.



SFIT has a very enthusiastic crowd. A mixture of all types of students are found, loads of catholics though (50% quota). The other major crowd is the Guajaratis staying nearby the college. Being located in northern suburb of Mumbai, students from the Central, Harbour and Navi Mumbai localities tend to avoid this college. College festival is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm. You're bound to meet a lot of extroverts in this college. Friends, once made, become like a small family.



St. Francis Institute of Technology has one of the worst canteens. Students openly neglect this place. The food here is bad, taste is horrible. The canteen is extremely overpriced and the quantity served is also very less. The canteen is dimly lit with less space. It has limited options in vegetarian. It is advised to carry your own dabba else rely on the multiple options outside the college.



Fizzy with Tibbs franky, Aashirwad (more famous as a smoking joint) are some of the favourite places next to the college. IC Colony itself is a big hangout place. CCD, Birdys, Banjara, Laziz Restaurant and at a stones throw distance is the famous pizza centre - Dominos. There is also this newly opened chocolate house which is becoming the favorite among the students. Students normally go to Malad to watch movies as there is no theatre nearby the college.



St. Francis Institute of Technology (SFIT) has a week long festival comprising Mosaic (Technical Festival), Iris (Cultural Fest), Synergy (Annual Day) which were earlier held at separate times in year. The sports fest is also clubbed with the cultural fest. Good organization, good turnout and a decent bunch of activities. The only good days of the college life out here.



Companies like Accenture, Wipro, TCS, MAQ, Infosys, Tech Mahindra, Igate, Indusvalley etc. visit SFIT. The college has an above average placement record with about 80% of the batch getting placed. And the average salary being Rs 3,00,00 per annum.


Contact Address:

St. Francis Institute of Technology (SFIT)
Mount Poinsur, S.V.P. Road,
Borivli (West), Mumbai 400 103.
Ph. No. 022-28928585/ 28908585
Fax. 022-28954787



From academic point of view St. Francis Institute of Technology (SFIT) is good but life gets restricted when it comes to enjoyment. Friendly crowd is an advantage but faculty and excessive strictness is an equally huge turn off. A good bet for an average CET scorer on the western suburb.


+25 #64 SFIT_ABC 2014-01-27 15:55
It is a college in which the director keeps begging for money every time.
During the management admissions he begs for funds to raise a medical college.
Then in the course of the year forces the students to buy tickets for "SYNERGY" (a flop fund raiser) to build up a college for architecture and mechatronics.
And finally ends up extending his own new office with latest facilities, while even the ground floor of the new college has not come up.
The teaching staff is very poor in knowledge and have a lot of attitude. Although there are a few excellent professors that can just be counted on fingers.
The environment of the college is good and has a good crowd. but you should only join this college if you want to finally end up self studying your entire portion.
+20 #63 FE student 2013-11-29 09:20
Never go to this college!
+12 #62 mihir20 2013-10-17 17:43
it is the worst college ever... I was in this college luckily got in Dj Sanghvi in next round... the profs at SFIT don't know the subject and are very stupid
+29 #61 androidboy999 2013-10-11 22:31
FE Sem 1 student..
No one has yet spoken a word about the PERVERT INSTRUCTORS AT WORKSHOP...
Chem & maths faculty is good in all the fields..
BEE faculty has a poor subj knowledge.. needs to copy things from books all the time....
Mech prof. is kind & probably the most approachable..a lthough his teaching is something that I didn't understand..
Phy prof is hopeless...not even audible..
+2 #60 Tiger Woods 2013-07-09 14:28
It's been 1 year since I have passed out. I am missing college now. Not the faculty or management but my friends. To those in college, study a bit but enjoy too.
And make sure you go for one I.V. at least.
Cheers !

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