Stanley College of Engineering & Technology for Women (SCETW), Abids


Stanley College of Engineering & Technology for Women (SCETW) is located on Chapel Road in Abids, one of the busiest places in central Hyderabad. RTC buses of 7-series, 9-series, 65-series, 127-series and plenty others serve the area and getting to the college is a cakewalk. However, the college does not provide bus facilities.



Stanley College of Engineering & Technology for Women's campus is moderately big with parts of it still under construction. Academic facilities like laboratories, equipments and classrooms are well kept but lack of support for sports and extra curricular activities is what the students lose out on. "There's no proper sports field" complains a third year. Moreover, there's no Wi-Fi and it's discouraging to access Internet through installed computer systems in labs as various permissions are required prior to use.

The college does not provide hostel facilities, probably because the surrounding area already caters to the need.



Rs. 60,000/year through convener seats
Rs. 90,000/year through management seats



Although still in its nascent stage, Stanley College of Engineering & Technology for Women (SCETW) has managed to get hold of some really wonderful professors. More than half the faculty members are senior with over 10 years of teaching experience. The remaining few also do well. The management is said to be very co-operative and any complaints from the students regarding any teacher are seriously thought upon.


Attendance & Discipline:

Stanley College of Engineering & Technology for Women is really strict about attendance and discipline. The University recommended 75% requirement needs to be fulfilled by all students. Defaulters are allowed up to 65% attendance if they pay the 300-rupee fine and produce necessary medical documents. A closed-gate system is in place and students can't enter or leave the campus during lecture hours, i.e., between 9:00am and 3:40pm. "Even if we need to buy a pen or take a photocopy we have to go through different stages to obtain permission" reveals a frustrated student.



The crowd is uppish as more than three-fourths of them are residents of Hyderabad and many hail from rich families. Although most mix well with each other, some show towering attitude. "Overall it's a good atmosphere. But we miss guys!" jokes one of the girls.



"Uhm... It's best not to comment" says a bunch of girls hesitantly. From what we could observe, the canteen stood something like this : a small shed for the cooking area and about 4 or 5 benches spread out in the open. It's definitely not pleasing and hopefully it's only a temporary state of the canteen.



Taj Mahal Hotel, Waah Taaj, Vishal Retail, McDonald's , KFC, Crossroads and numerous such eateries, malls and movie theatres offer a variety of options to hang around with friends. "Only if the college allowed us to go out..." sighs a Stanley-ite.



None except for small-scale event organized by the CSE department.



About five to six mid-sized IT, BPO or Tech-support companies recruit a few students from the CSE department of Stanley College of Engineering & Technology for Women (SCETW). The others have to manage themselves. Students, thus, do not rely on the college for placements and start preparations once they enter the final year.



Stanley College of Engineering & Technology for Women (SCETW)
H. No. 5-78 to 82, B - 1 - 80 & 5 - 9 - 81
Chapel Road, Abids,
Hyderabad - 500001
Phone: +91-40-23234880, 23244880



Stanley College of Engineering & Technology for Women (SCETW) may not be the best engineering college in Hyderabad to be in, but it's certainly showing signs of improvement.


+1 #3 *** 2014-02-26 14:46
The college is providing hostel facilities. And the fests are organised by all the departments not just one department. The canteen is NOT a "small shed with 4 or 5 benches" it is big now and they are providing bus facilities even for people coming from far off places like miyapur, ecil, ngo colony etc and yeah stanley girls are far better in studies compared to other top colleges.
+6 #2 Priyanka g 2013-03-03 14:44
Stanley CSE department is on par with other osmania university affiliated colleges like CBIT, Vasavi, MVSR etc... Within 5 years of inception Stanley CSE dept has become top notch.
+7 #1 Anonymous 2012-11-17 13:23
It is on par in teaching standards with most of the big colleges!! Stanley rocks!

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