Sree Dattha College of Engineering & Science, Ibrahimpatnam


Sree Dattha Institutions campus is located in the outskirts of Hyderabad about 30 kilometres from the centre of the city. Since it's so far, most of the students prefer travelling by college buses. Charges for the College Bus Services are Rs. 16,000 per year.



The campus hosts two other colleges apart from Sree Dattha College of Engineering & Science and spreads over a vast area. However, the infrastructure isn't very well maintained and there's lack of sports facilities, Internet and Wi-Fi. Laboratories, classrooms and library are in place, though.

Hostels are available in the campus.



Rs. 35,000 per year



Majority of the teachers are said to be junior lecturers with little or no teaching experience. Some can't even communicate in fluent English. However, there are a few excellent professors who keep the quality of education maintained.


Attendance & Discipline:

Everyone is supposed to have over 75% attendance and defaulters are either charged heavy fines or withheld from examinations. Students claim that fines as high as Rs. 10,000 have been levied in some cases. College timing is 9:30 am to 3:45 pm and the gates remain closed during this while so that no one can enter or leave the campus without permissions. Formals are compulsory on lab-days (about thrice a week).



Sree Dattha College of Engineering & Science has an average crowd; least interested in sports and unenthusiastic about extracurriculars. 



It may be spacious but you won't feel like spending much time in there. It's dark and gloomy and offers few varieties to choose. 



It's as difficult to find places to hangout around Sree Dattha College of Engineering & Science as it is to come across people who would WANT to chill with friends. So just forget about it.



A few techno-cultural events are celebrated at Sree Dattha College of Engineering & Science sometime in February or March. But it's uninteresting and people prefer staying home rather than travel all the way to college just to find... NO ONE!!



Apart from a couple of toppers from each department, chances of others getting on-campus recruitments are bleak. It's best to start looking for options once into the final year.


Contact Address:

Sree Dattha College of Engineering & Science,
Sree Dattha Group of Educational Institututions,
Sheriguda(V), Ibraimpatnam(M),
Nagarjuna Sagar Road,
Rangareddy Dist-501510(A.P)
Phone No: 08414-320919, 9247098884/83



Sree Dattha College of Engineering & Science is located way beyond Hyderabad's city limits and doesn't give one good reason to make it worth the travel. Avoid, unless you've run out of the hundreds of other options available.


+5 #1 Babu ram raju 2013-07-04 06:59
I had spent 4 yrs for Mech Engg in SDES. I must say the faculty are usually of B.Tech background and leave institution every semester. Institute has little concern for students' welfare. You cannot expect 3/10 in teaching. However I give 6/10 for Discipline in college. I suggest the students to maintain his interest in studies as no teacher would add additional exposure in his stay at SDES. Forget about SDGI teachers don't even bother about it

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