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AMC Engineering College, Kalkere


AMC Engineering College is located on the Bannerghatta Main Road in the region of Kalkere in far south of Bangalore. The college is pretty famous as you’ll see ample of sign boards saying ‘AMC’; thus finding the college is certainly not a problem. BMTC buses 365 and 366 run with a good frequency and drops you right outside the college gate. Almost same number of students travel by bus and bikes. Despite far from the main city, AMC’s accessibility is very good.



The pretty huge AMC campus has an excellent and well maintained football ground right at the centre of the land. Unfortunately, the football ground is now sold to the KSA (Karnataka Sports Association) and thus students hardly get to use it. The seven storey tall building has long pillars and looks like a university from one of the bollywood movies. Classrooms are without an air conditioner; thankfully fans are in working condition. The four seater metal benches are comfortable enough to spend 6 to 8 hours a day. Washrooms aren’t neat and clean, campus is enabled with wifi connection without any restriction and library has latest books but in less quantity. There is a separate reference library in the new adjacent building. Labs in the instruments are maintained properly at the time of examinations only.

Hostel facility is pretty average. Two boys have to share a small room and thus it becomes congested. Washrooms are cleaned once in a while. Mess food is decent with variety once a week. Hostel charges are Rs. 40,000/- per annum including the mess food.



For Karnataka CET students: Rs. 41,590/- per year
For UGET (COMEDK) students: Rs. 1.25L per year



The teaching staff at AMC is not at all impressive. Students say that teachers have only book knowledge and if questioned with a different kind of a doubt, they show a perplexed look. Book syllabus is what the teachers are acquainted with and thus they read and teach during the lecture hours. Shocking, isn’t it? There are hardly any senior professors and most of them are B.Tech or M.Tech passouts. ”They are not experienced but they gain experience in this college”, quotes a group of third year students. Since most of the faculty are freshers, the rapport between the students and teachers is pretty rocking. Teachers do not reduce/increase any internal marks due to personal grudges/favouritism.


Attendance & Discipline:

Following the strict 85% VTU norms, AMC students have to maintain this mark compulsorily with a 10% grant. Below 75%, students have to pay a fine which is proportionate to the severity of shortage of attendance. In the first week of the new semester, students have to pay a fine of Rs. 200 per day on lack of attendance. It’s advised to maintain atleast 60% else the chances of detaining and/or heavy fine are high.



Almost 60% of the students are from the main city of Bangalore while the rest come from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. There are almost equal number of outside Bangalore students from North and South. Like every other engineering college, AMC too has a boy’s dominated crowd. Despite shortage of girls, they are friendly, less conservative and are seen mingling with boys. You won’t see a lot students from hi-fi family background. Roughly 70% of the crowd is nerdy while the rest balance their academic and non academic life.



VP Bakery, within the campus, is the most visited stall by the students. Even though the appearance is pretty shady and roadside, students are seen hogging at the bakery. South Indian delicacy and thali (lunch plate) are the hot favourite items of the college canteen/mess.



Bannerghatta National Park, Meenakshi Mall and Mega Mall are the standard places where you see AMC’ites chilling out. There’s a sutta parlour next to the college which is pretty famous amongst the boys, obviously.



Melange is the intra college festival of AMC Engineering College.



Infosys, TCS, Tech Mahindra and Bosch are the regular visitors to the AMC Engineering College during the placement season. Infosys is the mass recruiter of all. The Training and Placement Officer, adorably known as TPO, has good contacts with many companies and thus you can expect loads of MNC's visiting the college. Moreover, the TPO is an ex placement officer from the famous BMS College of Engineering. Students who are eligible will be certainly placed. Though a lot of software companies are seen in this college, the placement section is definitely improving. Atleast 70% of the students get placed.



AMC Engineering College
18th KM. Bannerghatta Main Road,
Kalkere, Bangalore – 560 083.
Tel: 080 27828655
Website: http://www.amcgroup.edu.in/



ECE and CS are the hot favourite streams of this college. There are certainly better options for engineering colleges in Bangalore. AMC Engineering College is a good bet for those who have scored just above average in Karnataka CET.


-1 #7 rakshith s 2014-03-10 12:53
The worst college! no good faculty, no fests, no placements, no , no, no! Don't opt this college, if you are expecting good educatioin!
-3 #6 True_teller 2014-02-20 15:37
Guys... this is the worst college... I have ever seen in my life.... nothing is there in this college.... I'm studying in this college.... and I am crying a lot on every single day....
-1 #5 anynomous 2014-02-03 17:11
There is no melange fest.

Hardly 20 students get placed during college campus.
Infosys is the only reputed company that is regular visitor (pool campus). Hardly 10-15 students get placed in Infosys.
There is no Bosch, TCS and TechMahindra.

Placement are poor in AMC!!! It's getting worse every year.
+8 #4 Manmohan Singh 2013-07-03 17:48
All departments are affiliated and this college is NBA accredited. This year we started CIVIL Engineering Branch.
-15 #3 saurabh chamling 2013-05-07 14:33
Am a new student in the city looking for MBA college. I wanted to visit the campus but they were so patronizing and rude in relaying me the informaion that I gave up the hopes of joining the college. Wonder what will happen if I join the college, to the folks who wants to join the college I can suggest to refrain from it. Though the college might be good but the staff sucks.

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