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T John Institute of Technology is located in far south of Bangalore in the region of Gottigere on Bannerghatta Main Road. Despite its remote location, the college is pretty famous in the city. The college is easily accessible by BMTC buses (bus no 365) which drop you on the main road. A large number of students also prefer to travel by bikes. In short, connectivity to the college is pretty good.



The T John campus is really huge as it gives shelter to all the possible courses offered in India. Right from engineering to pharmacy and from nursing to MBA, you’ll see separate buildings of all the departments. Coming back to the engineering department, classrooms are excellently maintained with comfortable long benches. The striking feature is that the classrooms don’t have a fan and the reason behind it is the eco friendly campus. Well, students don’t feel hot as the area is windy most of the times. Same is the case with the canteen and other departments. The campus is wifi enabled with high speed and no restriction. There are separate libraries for all the courses with latest edition books available in abundance.

T John has hostel facility for both boys and girls separately, of course, at a rent of Rs. 18,000 per annum including the mess food. Surprisingly five of them share a room but it’s not at all congested. The rooms are really spacious and well maintained, washrooms are cleaned regularly and there are no water problems. Hostels are enabled with wifi connectivity. Rules and regulations are not really strict and thus hostel life is pleasant and enjoyable.



For Karnataka CET students: Rs. 36,090/- per year
For UGET (COMEDK) students: Rs. 1.25L per year



The teaching staff at T John is pretty average. Most of the students don’t understand what exactly is taught in the lecture. A handful of teachers are experienced, mostly the HOD and the senior professors, while the rest are freshers. Students feel the scenario is the same for most of the departments in engineering and thus pointing out the best department is quite difficult. Lectures are conducted in English and teachers are pretty friendly.


Attendance & Discipline:

Following the 75% VTU norm, T John has a pretty strict attendance pattern. Students have to maintain 75% but something close to 60% is tolerated. Anything below 50% is bad and will increase your chances of a year drop. To compensate for the low attendance, you are burdened with loads of assignments. Paying a fine for the low attendance is strictly not allowed.

There is no dress code discipline in T John Engineering college.



50% of the students at T John are from the local city while the rest are from different parts of India, mostly Kerala and Bihar. Being an engineering college, you’re bound to see more number of boys, rather less girls. Despite the non uniformity, the crowd gels well with each other. “Unity is what you can expect at T John”, quotes a six foot tall Bangalorian boy. A good blend of hi-fi and simple crowd is what T John has in store for you.



Well the T John canteen has good tasty food at just above an economical rate. Breakfast, lunch and evening items are served everyday. Chow chow bath, sandwiches and idli sambhar are the hot favourite delicacies of this cafeteria. Oh, and it’s huge, so getting a seat is never a problem.



Menakshi Mall is where you’ll see truckload of students chilling and enjoying the non academic life. As it’s located on the main highway, happening hangouts are a rare.



The name keeps on changing every year and is celebrated not on a very large scale.



Wipro, HP, Microsoft, Bluestar are the regular recruiters at T John Institute of Technology. Since they are not the mass recruiter, getting a job is not that easy unless you impress the panel. In every batch, 50% of the students get campus placement while the rest try on their own. Annual pay package is around Rs. 3 lakhs per annum. Improvisation is must!



T John Institute of Technology
#86/1, Kammnahalli,Gottigere,
Bannerghatta Road,
Bangalore, Karnataka 560 083.
Phone: +91 80 28429126/ 624/ 65
Website: www.tjohnit.com



Campus and crowd are the plus points; faculty and placements are the major drawbacks. Not the ideal engineering college in Bangalore unless on campus jobs and teaching level are escalated. T John is a good college for an average scorer in CET.


+6 #7 Simran12 2014-04-07 14:13
It's my biggest mistake that I joined this college, no proper placements the fee is also high. Lot of outsiders come in evening for ragging and all...
-2 #6 rahul521 2013-11-20 12:08
this very informative post
+5 #5 Felix Pradip 2013-10-03 09:28
T John - started by former politician.
Staff are paid paltry sums, so no one stays there beyond a year - especially management faculty.
Faculty who join have to deposit 3 months advance salary, deposit original certificates and deposit money will be refunded only after they leave the service or retire. No CL or Sick leave - everything loss of pay. So, no faculty stays there - even those who join, leave within a year.
Campus is next to Banerghatta national park and they have good transport service; but that is the only good thing.
If faculty are treated badly how will students get good faculty?
Campus is good, but facilities like projector, seminar hall missing/ staff room has fans that don't work.
-11 #4 Mudasir Ahmed 2013-07-04 20:26
T-john has healthy environment and good teaching faculty and good infrastructure
-4 #3 allan kumar 2013-06-05 15:08
T-john crowd is rowdy

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