BMS Institute of Technology (BMSIT), Yelahanka


BMS Institute of Technology (BMSIT) is located on Doddaballapur Road in a distant & sparsely populated area called Avalahalli somewhere in Far-North Bangalore. It would take nearly an hour and a half to reach the college from central Bangalore. Bangalore’s awesome BMTC bus service spreads out its arm even up to this area providing buses every 10 minutes. The college bus network is pretty impressive as well and loads of students readily utilise it.



BMS Institute of Technology (BMSIT), just like its sister institute BMSCE, stretches over an enormous area. The grand entrance to the campus is as big as the width of five trucks. The insides of the building are breathtaking - classrooms, labs, elevators, restrooms everything. However, students feel that the campus isn’t very big (neither is it small) and although there are some sporting facilities as well, they need to be better.

Hostels are magnificent as well. Tidily furnished rooms comfortably accommodate 2 persons. Charges for the hostels are about Rs. 51,000/- per year including mess food which is said to be exceptionally good, unlike any other Engineering College in Bangalore.



For Karnataka CET students: Rs. 36,090/- per year
For UGET (COMEDK) students: Rs. 1.25L per year



Mechanical department at BMS Institute of Technology (BMSIT) is said to be the best with most professors having above 10 years of teaching experience. However, students feel that their department is a bit too strict. Computer Science (CS), Electrical & ECE step in next with slightly more considerate teachers and department rules. Teaching is nearly as good as mechanical. IS & Telecom have average faculty, good enough to keep the students satisfied.



Not an issue at BMSIT. The college tries to make the students attend above 85% of the lectures, with 75% as the lower recommended limit but finally settles for even below 50%. Only in very extreme cases (below 15%) harsh actions are taken, i.e., no exams allowed.



Not as good as BMSCE, but easily surpassing at least a dozen other engineering colleges in Bangalore. About 60% students are localites, i.e., from Bangalore itself. Except the Mech department, all others enjoy a healthy girl-guy ratio.



The canteen is not sufficiently big to shelter more than 40-50 students simultaneously. It turns into a battlefield during lunch hours, when you have to literally fight for a seat. Sometimes you really wonder why this happens even when food is so unappetizing.



Try exploring! We just managed to find one: ‘Balaji Bar’



A techno-cultural festival called “Utsaha” is celebrated in April every year at BMS Institute of Technology (BMSIT). It’s put up as an inter college and intra college festival alternately each year.



As soon as “placements” crop up, everyone starts comparing it to BMSCE and then view BMSIT as a loser. However, students here feel the other way, “They’re a lot better than many colleges around here. CS & ECE record 100% placements with Mechanical and EEE following up close at a modest 85-90%. IS & Telecom aren’t left behind either” say a group of students. Companies like TCS, Cognizant & Wipro may be major recruiters but even some core companies like Ashok Leyland, L&T, VR Minerals visit the campus. Highest salary offered goes to about Rs. 7 or 8 lakhs a year. Average is the regular Rs. 3-4 lakhs recorded in most other colleges. Students are also allowed to appear for campus interviews at BMSCE, an added advantage for some greedy ones.



BMS Institute of Technology (BMSIT),
Post No. 6443, Avalahalli, Doddaballapur Road,
Yelahanka, Bangalore - 560064
Phone: 080-28567187/28561576



BMS Institute of Technology (BMSIT) should definitely be within the top 10 engineering colleges in Bangalore and except for its deserted location, there’s nothing which can hamper you from having the time of your life here. Great place to be!


+37 #8 BMSIT 2014-01-18 11:08
I took admission in BMSIT in 2013 and I found this college really awesome for studies and placement, you may wonder why I said placement, many big companies like Yahoo and Google came this year and gave placements to IS and CS student of 26 lacs (by google to two CS students) and 11 lac (by yahoo to 11 students, 7 from CS and 4 from IS).
And it seems like in just 2 years BMSIT will come in top 4 or 5 institute under Comedk, because I observed that our mentor really have great source to bring big big companies to our college as he was the Principal of RV college earlier that's why his reputation is too high.
So overall this college is best for studies, placement is very good for CS, IS and ECE students, good for Telecom and EEE student, worst for mechanical student because even if they will get job, they will get it in any IT sector only, and for CIVIL I can't say anything.
Civil is started this year only and students are like all failures.
Just for extra activity like games, sports and all, this college is still working on it, there is one basket ball court, one lawn tennis court, cricket and football on the same ground, gym and some indoor games but still our college is now not able to provide high class equipment and trainers coz our mentor is concentrating only on placements.
About boys Hostel, I can say one of the best hostel in Bangalore, and food is also pretty good, raging is there but no physical raging, no one will touch you, but soon you will start liking getting ragged :P It's fun..
About gals hostel - no idea because it's not inside the campus.
One of my friend from MVIT told that his hostel is like hell, and food is like shit, so I suggest don't go for MVIT, it's hell for north Indians, such an old building and for even placement BMSIT is better
And yeah one more thing from this year you can't bunk much classes, because our mentor made it very strict for attendance 85% min and 70% for medical reason.
At first you may hate our mentor because he become strict sometimes but after four years you will definitely praise him, because he will be the only reason of a good placement.
Good luck to all of you, if you'll not get RV, PESIT or BMSCE then do get admitted to this college.
Sorry I made it very lengthy, but lastly for dogs searching for girls :P I have a surprise, this college is full of beautiful gals, hahaha you may not find much pretty gals in engineering section but when you visit architecture block, you will definitely fall in love with 20 - 30 gals.
So for those dogs it's the best place for you all, better than BMSCE, REVA or any other college because very few college have archi branch.
+39 #7 Suresh.p 2013-12-01 13:02
Peaceful environment to study.
Great placements.
Awesome faculty.
Attendance not a problem at all.
Decent canteen with lovely Manchurian.
Transportation not a problem at all.
Wifi connectivity all over the campus
And don't forget the most trusted tag B.M.S !!!
+50 #6 @TRK_SWT 2013-11-13 22:37
One of the best college in bangalore.
+54 #5 PRITISH mandal 2013-07-28 16:33
I think there should not be any issues like say no to CIVIL as it had recently started faculty is good and core companies like L&T visits the campus for placements even before CIVIL had started so I think there should not be any problem while taking up CIVIL at BMSIT
+60 #4 puneeth s 2013-07-27 23:01
Well, the college is really good with one of the best faculties... attendance is not a factor to be scared about... anyone can have the best social life here... one of the top colleges in the state, lecturers are really qualified, placements are quite good, fest sort of sucks but still it has many good factors and the college is next to the bus stop and the BMTC bus frequency is high, so, travelling isn't that much of a problem....

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