SJB Institute of Technology (SJBIT), Uttarahalli Road


SJB Institute of Technology (SJBIT) is located in a far off corner of South-West Bangalore, about a kilometre from Uttarahalli-Kengeri Road. Although 2-3 BMTC buses (225CF, 373...) do ply along Uttarahalli-Kengeri Road, they drop you at BGS hospital from where you need to walk another 15-20 mins to reach the college. Bus services provided by the college are chargeable at Rs. 20,000/- per year.



This is perhaps the USP of this college. A huge campus coupled with swanky classrooms, labs and libraries make SJB Institute of Technology (SJBIT) one of the better engineering colleges as far as infrastructure is concerned. CCTV cameras, 24x7 internet browsing centres are in place and Wi-Fi on campus would have made it complete.

The condition of the hostels, however, is nowhere close to the college infrastructure. Tiny rooms have been allotted to double the people they should actually accommodate. Only a limited supply of water is available every morning so either you make it a habit to wake up early or to NOT take a bath. Food served by the mess is horrible; on being asked what is the exact problem, one of the more disappointed one replies, “We can’t even tear the roti with two hands, chewing it is out of the question. And the worst part, they charge us Rs. 50,000/- per year for all this!”



For Karnataka CET students: Rs. 36,090/- per year
For UGET (COMEDK) students: Rs. 1.25L per year



Students claim that only a handful of the professors are actually good at teaching, the rest do not make for interesting lectures. The ECE department is said to be an exception, where they teach well, but are VERY strict. Among other departments, the Information Science (IS) department is said to be the worst.


Attendance & Discipline:

SJB Institute of Technology (SJBIT) recommends an attendance above 85% which most students are not able to comply with. Defaulters with attendance between 75-85% need to buy books for the library as well as cough up fines as high Rs. 1000/- per subject. Below 75% the fines levied increase to about Rs. 5000/- per subject. Those with below 60% can get away with a lump sum of 40-60K depending on the short of attendance. Some students say it’s easy to not get into this entire mess if you have a good rapport with the teachers.

Some amount of disciplinary rules like no round neck tshirts, no slippers etc. are maintained. The ECE department is the one which follows them the most stringently.



SJBIT’s remote location is slightly detrimental to the city crowd but still a good number of people come from all parts of Bangalore. About 75% of the crowd is from Karnataka itself while the remaining 25% come from the rest of India. The crowd seems to be a little reserved kind with few people interacting with each other.



Space is not an issue at the SJBIT canteen. Food quality is average but the prices are a little expensive.



There’s nothing out there, except for a sparse forest and a playground.



“Varchasva” is an inter-college cultural festival celebrated at SJB Institute of Technology (SJBIT) every year sometime in April. Another festival is organized by the CS & IS departments during November. The management is quite supportive about these kinds of events and other extra-curricular activities.



SJB Institute of Technology (SJBIT) makes sure every student gets placed in one company or the other. But these placements come for a price; you need to pay about Rs. 10,000/- initially as placement training fees and an additional Rs. 4,000-8,000/- for every offer letter you get. Students dislike this practice but keep mum as they are thankful that at least they’ll be landing up with a job. TCS, Wipro, Accenture, Bosch, Kirloskar, Mindtree are some of the companies that recruit students on campus. The highest package is close to Rs. 6.5L per year.



SJB Institute of Technology
#67, BGS Health & Education City
Uttarahalli Road Kengeri,
Bangalore South - 560060
Phone: +91-80-28605445/6



Placements and infrastructure is what should lure you to this college; the downsides being inessential fines and unimpressive faculty. SJBIT doesn’t feature amongst the top 10 engineering colleges in Bangalore, but can be preferred somewhere amongst the first few of 11th– 20th league.


+4 #5 Priyanka D. Rao 2014-09-29 07:57
Hi fellas! I am 2014 passout from SJBIT. SJBIT is strict than good. It is actually not the ECE that is stringent about dress codes but the EEE dept (where I come from). ECE is quiet stingy when it comes to awarding internal marks and thats what I have heard. I have only heard the CSE students sing a praise about their lecturers. Dept. of EEE has only a couple of dedicated lecturers. If you have had a good rapport with lecturers you barely land up in troubles.Dept. of EEE is up with their techno-cultural event called DYUTI which has just finished its second season. This college is no fun. I would say placements are just average. Nothing at all in this college comes inexpensive. But sadly, not every penny you spend is worth it. No company offering more than 3.5 LPA walks in to this college! So if you got carried away by all the hype about placements than do reconsider! m telling you over and over again its just average!
+8 #4 a1 2013-10-11 22:29
Hi guys.. I'm From SJBIT.. A First year Student And I Feel SJB is quite a good college.. as far as placements are concerned, it was good so far till now, but this year rumours are that only 50% of the Students were Placed on an average. But of course, aptitude is what matters and that will ensure you a placement. Coaching isn't a problem if you're in Comuter Science Branch. Lecturers are well versed in subjects and the labs and other areas are well equipped... one of the reasons why The College charges such Hefty Fees. HR classes are good, informative, fun and they commence from the first year itself. HRD classes are found in very few colleges, one of them being sjbit. Infrastructure is very good. Campus has two canteens in fact. And You Have Activities Going On year Round - TECHQUEST, VARCHASVA, SCIENCE FEST, GOOGLE CORE COMMITTEE, DIFFERENT CLUBS, ELISHIA (IS Dept FEST), and many many more.. good encouragement to sports, extra curricular activities. Attendance is quite lenient as mentioned but, maintaining a good relationship with the lecturers is essential failing which, you might have to pay hefty fees. Overall... it's a college where you can enjoy, make use of a lot of resources that are available on the campus, and where you can possibly be placed if you have a good aptitude.
-4 #3 Senior 2013-07-21 21:04
Hi Guys...

I am one of pass out student from SJBIT (2010 IS batch). I don't know why in this review they are saying IS is the worst dept. When I was studying it was the best branch in SJBIT
+1 #2 Somebody 2013-06-25 11:14
HR classes!!! You gotta be kidding me?
+5 #1 Bharwani B J 2013-06-24 14:05
The institue takes HR classes for teaching HR. So the students who are not selected in campus due to less percentage should get job at least without paying extra money for offer letter. If the student is clever enough they can grab this opportunity.

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