PES Institute of Technology (PESIT), BSK 3rd Stage, Bangalore

Note: PESIT is an autonomous college under VTU i.e. they have their own curriculum, exams and rules but the degree is given by VTU.


PESIT is located on 100 feet ring road in the Banashankari 3rd phase and a lot of BMTC buses ply to college. It is extremely convenient to reach here as the college is very famous and a landmark for itself. There’s also a college bus service which costs 10,000 to 12,000 per year depending on your distance from the college. Quite a few students avail of this service.



Infrastructure of PESIT is pretty amazing. Although the campus is not that big, it is self-sufficient and pretty. Labs are well-equipped and well-maintained too. Library is also very nice and has abundance of books. Campus is wifi enabled but it’s not fully reliable. There is a proper cricket ground but it is used more often by companies for their tournaments than students. There is also a nice basketball court.

Hostels are really good and they’re very strict as well. Single, twin or triple sharing rooms are available. Charges for a room in the new block are Rs 63,000 including food. There are 3 messes and all of them serve pretty good food at reasonable prices. Wifi is not there in the hostels.



For students admitted through KCET Rs 36,090 per year. For COMEDK students Rs 1.25 Lakh per year.



Faculty at PESIT are not out of the world, but they’re not bad either. Though majority of the staff members are experienced and highly qualified, a handful of them are juniors, inexperienced ones as well. Many are doctorates and highly knowledgeable but they are not very approachable or available when you need them. CS department is the best in college, mechanical is also good while ECE is average.


Attendance & Discipline:

PESIT is reputed all over Bangalore for its attendance policies. 85% is a must, unless you have a genuine medical problem or you won prizes for college in extra-curricular activities. In any case below 75% is not tolerated. Thus hardly anyone bunks in this college for the fear of facing ugly consequences.

Apart from attendance college also expects everyone to do exceptionally well in academics. There are 2 internals and each student is expected to score above 80% in all of them but anything around 40% is must. Failing to achieve that, you might have to write some more tests/assignments. Also, there are no options in the question papers and revaluation of answer books is strongly discouraged. So overall it’s very tough curriculum and there’s tremendous pressure on students.



Majority of students are Banglore-ites followed by those from nearby areas of B’lore followed by north Indians followed by NRIs. Type of crowd depends on branch – CS & ECE has a lot of nerdy crowd. Other branches have a pretty mixed crowd. Overall everyone including the seniors is very friendly.



An open air theatre, Pi R Cube is the favourite hangout inside the campus while Kathriguppe area, J-cubes and Bangalore Central are the most frequented places outside the campus. Students are often seen munching delicious food or just killing time at food joints right outside the college.



A lot of eateries are there in the campus which includes a Coffee Day Express, a Nescafe, 2 canteens and 3 hostel messes. So there’s a lot of variety in dishes and their taste. All of them serve tasty and hygienic food at affordable prices.



There are lots of them. ‘Aatmatrisha’ is the biggest of all, intercollege, techno-cultural festival held in March end. It’s among the top 5 college fests in Bangalore. ‘Prakalpa’ is the annual showcase of final year students’ projects, whereas ‘Samparpana’ is held to create awareness about the lives of martyrs of Indian armed forces.



The college has 100% placements for all branches. Companies like Microsoft, Yahoo and Amazon picks up a few students from the CS & IS branches. HCL, TCS and Wipro are the major recruiters for all branches. The college has such good reputation and relationships with companies like HCL that they don’t even take an interview of the candidate, straightway recruit them based on their aggregate marks. Other branches also get their core companies e.g. Volvo comes to recruit mechanical students. Average starting salary given to freshers is 4.5 lakhs while the highest package offered was 16 lakhs. Some 40 – 45 students get packages above 10 lakhs. For those who don’t wish to continue in the technical fields, finance companies like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs also visit to pick up a handful of students. About 80% of the student take up jobs, the rest go for higher studies.



PES Institute of Technology (PESIT),
100 Feet Ring Road, BSK 3rd Stage,
Phone: +91 80 26721983, +91 80 26722108



In the words of a student, this college is “not for enjoyment, come here for achievement”. PESIT though can’t be described as a school, is a highly disciplined college at the least. You can have fun too, if you learn to handle academic pressure well and most amazing placements await you.


+2 #10 rahulk27 2014-01-28 14:05
Don't ever join this college, it's not a mini jail it's world's largest jail...
Especially MCA department ...
-1 #9 sonapareena 2013-08-12 10:28
Seriously guys don't join this college... if you join you will have to cry a lot... it's worse than a school... please people who want to have fun please don't join... it's a mini jail
+42 #8 soura sekhar ray 2013-07-22 16:19
I was a student of PES between 2000-2003..
It recalls me of 3IDIOTS
-38 #7 mantudas 2013-04-22 22:23
Don't waste your time and money by going to PESIT.
Instead get to some other colleges in other parts of India.
I have studied there so telling you guys.
Please beware.
+77 #6 prof m r doreswamy 2012-07-21 03:51
i dont need to say much about pesit, it is a good college.

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