B.N.M. Institute of Technology (BNMIT), Banashankari


BNM Institute of Technology (BNMIT) is located in Banashankari Stage II area of South-Central Bangalore. Since it’s situated in Central Bangalore, connectivity isn’t an issue at all. Numerous BMTC buses from different parts of the city drop you not far from the college.



Parts of BNMIT are still under construction, but most of the campus is already up. While academic facilities are in place, students feel that the campus space could have been better utilised as it currently feels a little cramped up and short of space (no parking space for vehicles to add to that). Mech and Civil departments are still coming up and some inconvenience is expected till their completion.

BNMIT has three hostels; two girls hostels (one of which is inside the campus and the other not too far from here) and a boys hostel (which is about 3-4 kms from the campus). Not much complaints about the hostel, except the mess food.



For Karnataka CET students: Rs. 36,090/- per year
For UGET (COMEDK) students: Rs. 1.25L per year



The faculty at BNM Institute of Technology (BNMIT), on the whole, is average. Telecom students are especially happy with their teachers and so are those from the ECE department. CS & IS don’t fall back too much but the remaining have good scope for improvement.



Not the best in the city, but urban enough to have an enjoyable college life. A lot of localites from Bangalore opt for this college as it is centrally located.


Attendance & Discipline:

BNM Institute of Technology is very much particular about disciplinary rules; 85% attendance norm is strictly recommended but anything above 75% should do. Below that and be ready to call your parents. Although with 70-75% attendance making your parents talk to the authorities would do the job, nothing can help you from getting a year back if fall considerably below 70%.

BNMIT also maintains certain dress codes for the students such as no round neck tees for guys and no sleeveless dresses for girls. Guys and girls are not supposed to sit next to each other in class, getting in without an I-Card is almost impossible and so is standing outside the college even after college hours.



Currently a temporary canteen which serves only South Indian varieties is available. But better facilities are promised in the near future.



Loads and loads of them, as any centrally located college would have; Banashankari BDA Complex, Coffee Day, Pizza Hut, Dominoes, Bangalore Central Mall or even Forum Mall aren’t too far from here. More places keep getting added to the list as you start exploring around.



‘Tatva’ is the annual inter college techno-cultural festival celebrated at BNM Institute of Technology (BNMIT) sometime in March.



BNMIT manages to place almost all of those who clear the eligibility criteria of the companies which usually is a 60% upwards aggregate and no preferably no backs. In all around 80-90% of the students are placed with salaries ranging between Rs. 3 to 3.5L  a year. The highest hovers around a modest Rs. 6L per year. TCS is the main recruiter with other IT companies like Infosys, Intel and MindSpace following up close. Mech and Civil departments are the newly opened branches, their first batch is yet to come out and nothing can be commented about their placements till then.



B.N.M Institute of Technology (BNMIT)
Post Box No. 7087, 12th Main Road, 27th Cross,
Banashankari II Stage, Bangalore – 560 070.
Phone: 91-80-26711781; 91-80-26711782
Email: bnmitprincipal@gmail.com
Website: www.bnmit.org


BNMIT’s central location, wonderful faculty and above average placements make it a great choice for those who fall a little behind the top rankers. The only deterrents are a relatively small campus, no parking space and a lack of support for extra curricular activities.


+9 #5 preetham.raj 2013-06-19 10:01
Please needs to be stopped. Can't stick on to those dresses everyday.
+22 #4 Rashmisti 2013-03-09 14:48
It is a bad college ... please do not take admission there, your college life will be ruined.
+24 #3 abishek 2013-01-31 14:52
BNMIT sucks.
+34 #2 hero 2012-11-02 11:48
Please dont take this college
+30 #1 jigsaw 2012-07-23 19:44
BAD DRESS CODE rules! its too silly!

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